Only 4mm+ glass iphone8 concept map exposure – Sohu digital iptd-651

Only the 4mm+ glass iPhone8 concept map exposure [IT168] – Sohu digital information because iPhone7 is not much change in appearance, many consumers choose to wait and see the next generation of iPhone8 products, because next year is the ten anniversary of the release of iPhone, perhaps this year iPhone7 is holding a big deal next year. There are already a lot of news about the iPhone8, for example, may configure the OLED screen, or will be used to return to the design of glass materials, etc.. Now foreign designers Matteo Gentile reference to these factors, we brought the concept of iPhone8 design. The iPhone8 concept design uses a glass material to design the back of the entire cell phone, surprisingly only 4 mm thick. However, from the rumors, apple iPhone next year should also do so thin the thickness of 4 mm. The design is still bright black, looks very elegant, but do not know if there is a way to solve the problem of easy scratching. In addition, the Home key is also completely changed from physical to virtual, built-in fingerprint sensor and other sensors, tactile feedback system and wireless charging two new features. On the back of the fuselage, iPhone8 is also equipped with a 12 million pixel front camera, still protruding from the back of the fuselage.相关的主题文章: