ONeil Everson Yao Ming they are changing the NBA outlook for the three group (video)-cashmere mafia

ONeil Everson Yao Ming is their three people change the prospect of NBA group Yao Ming O’neal AI formally inducted the legendary ten shared glory if you want to know about this year’s Hall of fame several headliners influence, do not have to watch the video, also do not have to check Chinese Jersey sales, only need simple recall in the first week of August happened good. Iverson, Yao Ming, O’neal together in the hall of fame at that time was a stagnant period of NBA, but Lebron · James boarded the "Sports Illustrated" cover, Russell · and Kevin · Westbrook; Durant’s break-up sparked huge waves. Yes, today’s NBA has made people talking about all the year round. This is not a sudden event or boom, but NBA in the 1/4 century, a new era of hip-hop culture, reality show, will achieve mastery of international marketing. These three elements are exactly what O’neal, Iverson and Yao Ming represent. This group of three let NBA beyond the basketball game itself, forming a global pop culture. In the era of "magician" Johnson and ·, NBA focused on the star effect, and in the era of, Iverson and the, NBA focused on creating a brand. They even beyond the brand, help the alliance to the era of personalized, and for the younger Lebron James and Stephen · · library to create a stage. NBA is no longer just about how the players play, but about who they are and what they are going to do. Although O’neal became a free agent in 1996, and did not live a "decision", but it is enough to make the Atlanta Olympic Games began to stage the competition at the same time NBA be cast into the shade, prospect. O’neal made the film, launched a hip-hop album, endorsement of a large number of ads. He was the first man to fit his personality to his figure. Before him, the big impression is always superior with some indifference. Then O’neal appeared, a large harmonic star, relaxed his vigilance, made an interview in the face, in the field break dance. Whenever someone asks about his actions and motives, he responds in one word: "marketing." First of all, this is to prove to my university professor, the big man also has a selling point. Secondly, their behavior is completely giving up money. Third, it’s an opportunity for me, I can be a new guy on TV, it’s a great feeling that your mom can see you in the ad at home." O’neal explained his reason when a clown. Take a look at what O’neal did at a press conference at the basketball hall of fame. He said the site moderator, NBA famous announcer Eddie · Douthett sexy voice. He helped Yao Ming put on the hall of fame suit. He invited 12 year old girl Morgan · Platt and the girl’s family to visit the hall of fame. When he saw the girl wearing a sweatshirt at Michigan state, immediately called the Michigan相关的主题文章: