One hundred years of Monsanto for sale food prices in heating

One hundred years of Monsanto for sale: food prices in the "heating"? In the face of global food prices continued to decline, the dollar price and strong global agrochemical giant merger tide, under the performance pressure of Monsanto, Bayer eventually accepted the $66 billion offer, heating. In September 14, 2016, after the acquisition agreement in Bayer announced and Monsanto, U.S. market research firm Edward Jones senior analyst Matt · Arnold (Matt Arnold) said the financial Tencent, "we had expected the price is $140 per share, did not think Monsanto should accept the final offer of $128." Although Monsanto is one of the world’s largest seed producers, but frequent integration within the industry competitors, under pressure to the performance of Monsanto, seeking strategic cooperation reason. Monsanto has put forward in the last year to pay the highest price of $47 billion for the Swiss agricultural giant Syngenta, but the latter is "undervalued" and the regulation resistance may be rejected, Syngenta later accepted Chinese Chemical Group’s offer, the final amount of the acquisition was $43 billion. "The era of low prices of agricultural products, is now a buyer’s market. Industry landscape is changing. Monsanto shareholders would now lock financial income is understandable." Matt · further expressed on Tencent. Agricultural product prices in the doldrums Monsanto shareholder lock up financial income was founded in 1901, initially in the chemical company started, when the main production and sales have been monopolized by the German saccharin, then gradually expand to the field of agriculture, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, has now become the world’s largest producer of genetically modified seeds and multinational agricultural products suppliers. However, due to the impact of global food prices, farmers’ income is low, but also led to the profits of the supplier facing extrusion. Monsanto’s performance in recent years, encountered difficulties. The United States Department of agriculture data show that the net income of farms in the United States over the past three years (net farm income) continued to decline in 2016 will still remain in the doldrums, is expected to reach $71 billion 500 million, compared with the 2013 high of $123 billion 800 million, the decline will be as high as 42%. For more than half of revenue from the U.S. market Monsanto, more importantly, in order to obtain higher profits, the farmers gradually reduce corn planting, planting soybean. Corn seed sales is Monsanto’s biggest source of profits. The sales in the first quarter of this year Monsanto’s earnings fell 19.7%. In the United States market revenue decline at the same time, by the impact of a stronger dollar, Monsanto in the overseas market sales are just passable. More critical is that the global agricultural prices will remain at a low level. The UN report released in 2016, from 2000 to 2011, global food prices rise year by year, but since 2011 global grain prices began to decline, although the 2016 food prices edged up to the level of 2015, but 2011 high there is still a gap of 27%. Under multiple pressures.相关的主题文章: