On the importance of male hair, as cosmetic! (video) soojin

On the importance of male hair, as cosmetic! Kim is a brother from South Korea, usually is a typical programmer to dress up, broken hair, LuanLuanDe head curtain, wearing black rimmed glasses! Later in the stylist’s suggestion he decided to take a haircut first is to change back and on both sides of the hair that can make people instantly clean up hair care is however light enough to cut the stylist Kim stiff hair slightly hit the volume so convenient behind the hair and other hair comb play texture evenly with wax to catch other hair before and after the transformation of comparative literary men programmer VS boys handsome key hair before dating metrosexual man will do to enhance the value of reading these Yan hair makeover case you have what reason to go to a sloppy temperament male god a hairstyle can fix a boy or not long hair is good to cover your handsome non mainstream goers have a moustache to perfect not your yen value is not high enough but you don’t want to try more hair So from the Tramp to handsome male only a few scissors to change life exquisite sloppy distance also is not the same please tell me with the following box is not the same person’s head oil unsolicited volume is a good choice although a good hair is very important, but many boys are in, as long as the scissors a good hair, after can once, wake up every day, do not brush their teeth do not break the horizon still handsome face. It’s really naive, why don’t you lie down every day you can earn soft sister coins! Cut a good hair just handsome first step usually need to learn to take care of it like this handsome than foreigners demonstrate hair care Get up just to get up baby hair messy never mind a wet hair with a comb to the texture with the hair dryer hair two stereotypes can also create a sense of the fluffy wax evenly coated in the hand finger inserted into the hair by texture smear with comb or fingers arranged hair finally slightly spray spray Bling Bling Bling is not very handsome then to recommend several handsome hairstyle you can相关的主题文章: