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Now the price of gold: Gold housekeeper shrink after Yellen struck the Sina foundation non-agricultural exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Gold housekeeper Zhang Yingying: the price of gold last week, the overall trend is in decline, including Friday’s market the most worth mentioning — Jackson Holzer Friday, the central bank will unexpectedly let the gold market into a brief confusion. During the time in Beijing on Friday evening, the Fed chairman Yellen speech, although Yellen did not say what substantive content, but the price of gold is still jumping up and down, the price of gold touched intraday high of $1342 an ounce, then quickly plummeted to below $1320, intraday volatility interval of more than $20, many traders are cut short cut long end London gold, closing out a long shadow, as if in the heart long funds into a thorn. The Fed chairman’s speech led gold short-term volatility Fed chairman Yellen speech on Friday to strengthen the Fed will raise interest rates in the next few months position, although she did not specify what month will raise interest rates, but also has repeatedly said that the Fed’s rate hike process will be stable, but the market had expected the Fed’s early will raise interest rates at the meeting on September, the market had widely expected interest rate hike is 3 months earlier. At the same time, the vice chairman of the Fed, hawkish representatives Fisher also said on Friday, September before the end of this year to raise interest rates and interest rates several times are possible. On Friday the United States announced the second quarter GDP annualized growth of 1.1%, lower than the initial value of 1.2%, but the positive factors of this data on the price of gold has been covered by the two Fed officials hawkish speech. After Yellen and Fisher speech, suggesting that the new federal funds rate futures, the probability of the fed in September and November interest rates have been more than 30%, December increase probability close to 60%, the probability of a rate hike in June next year is 65%, which means that this year, the remaining 4 months, the Fed will raise interest rates at least once. For the gold market, the Fed rate hike the Damour Damocles is slowly falling, the price of gold for any Fed policy related news will be very sensitive to the short-term price of gold may be difficult to have a big improvement. Gold housekeeper Zhang Yingying believed that a recent phenomenon also noteworthy is that the domestic gold futures and spot spreads narrowed sharply, the main futures contract in December 9999 and the Shanghai gold exchange spot contract price less than 0.5 yuan, even taking into account the December contract in exchange and delivery time, the current price is is obviously lower than the historical average, mean spot demand, but prices are likely to fall in December. From a fundamental point of view, it is very likely: on the one hand, the national day gold consumption season approaching, spot is actively stocking, so the spot price is strong; on the other hand, the strong expectations of Fed rate hike in December probably will cause the price rate of around December launched a round of adjustment, of course, we also do not rule out the gold at the end of season相关的主题文章: