No 1999 mobile phone price war after the fight imjpmig

No 1999 mobile phone price war after the fight for what? Chinese enterprises, the most "effective" way over the past 30 years to gain market share is the price war, from white to PC, from the mobile phone to the car, not experienced this tragic process. This is not related to the protection of intellectual property rights in China’s market environment, resulting in the lack of R & D investment, but also directly related to the level of economic development and national purchasing power.   there is no eternal 1999  after the mobile phone price war fight? For mobile phone companies, as the most close to consumers of intelligent electronic products, in fact, from last year has felt the market shift. A few years ago, thousand machines into people’s sight, to open the market, but the price now has a certain market share, domestic mobile phone prices intensified, consumers can continue to pay, abandon the price war, the mobile phone manufacturers but also how to play? 1999 yuan after the millet to play high-end machine in mobile phone manufacturers chiefs, Lei Jun is doing the red net to do one of the most successful, from the early social media to live now, what is what to play red. Millet was the first trumpeted price of mobile phone manufacturers, it is also because the mobile phone giant cost-effective high year glorious history. Lei Jun has always had a heart to do high-end mobile phone 1999 yuan, the special definition of millet and Lei Jun price, is the standard price of millet flagship models, in March this year released millet flagship millet 5 is pricing in 1999 yuan, but with the addition of HUAWEI and Meizu has two glory of leadership and influence in the mobile phone industry the manufacturers, the price of 1999 yuan into three real battle land. Millet mobile phone 5 price to 1799 yuan but now the market changes, let millet may somewhat be caught off guard. According to market research firm IDC recently released report shows that millet has dropped out of the world’s top five smartphone sales position. Prior to this, Samsung, apple, HUAWEI, Lenovo, millet followed. And now, the location of Lenovo and millet has been under the channel resources rich OPPO and vivo replace. Millet mobile phone shipments, Q1 market share fell out of the top five teams of millet is largely used successfully to meet the consumer demand, but did not timely recognize changes in consumer psychology. Now the state of Chinese consumers is the beginning of the pursuit of high-end products, and millet positioning from the beginning may be a problem, excessive focus on low-end products market. Do not know Lei is not already aware of the seriousness of this problem, do not know is not to make way for the upcoming Note2 this month for the first time the price of millet, Lei Jun millet in live announced a flagship mobile phone millet 5, the original price of 1999 yuan millet 5 standard edition price 2299 yuan to 1799 yuan, millet 5 high version of the original 2699 yuan to 2099 yuan, millet 5 exclusive edition dropped to 2499 yuan. At the same time, the upcoming release of millet Note2 is said to be the high-end market positioning, and Lei Jun also online channels to establish small make a fuss.相关的主题文章: