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News: the stock index fell 1.74% to two, breaking 2900 super 2000 stocks floating green – Sohu news A shares good performance after the Spring Festival, as of yesterday, the stock index has risen 6%, market sentiment significantly improved compared to January, but experienced several rounds of intense combat plummeting stock market crash, investors enter the market sentiment remains cautious, after the festival for rose for several days, investor sentiment has been differentiation, pupil differences increase, short-term and variable factors are accumulated. A shares opened slightly lower today, the stock index opened at 2922.24 points, down 0.23%. The Shenzhen component index opened at 10290.96 points, down 0.16%. Gem opened at 2198.93 points, down 0.22%. Subsequently, the three major stock index collective volatility down, the stock index once again fell below 2900 points, then the market decline is still unabated, as of now, the stock index fell 1.74%, 2877 points, deep index fell 2.1%, reported 10091 points, the gem is down 2.38%, reported 2151 points. Two cities over 2000 shares floating green. Plate, only gas, Qinghai 2 plate red plate, the rest of the plate are green, titanium dioxide, big data, gaosongzhuan, gene sequencing stocks led the market sector. Affected by the monthly tax and other factors, while the recent open market maturity is too large, while the central bank’s reverse repurchase did not significantly alleviate the tight momentum of funds, funds face significantly tighter than before. Today, the 1 day repo rate in China’s interbank market opened 25.76 basis points, then expanded to nearly 33 basis points to 2.2988%, a record high of more than 10 months. CRE securities analyst believes that the central bank Sheng Qi, the amount of reverse repurchase instead of drop one purpose may not let liquidity is too rampant, at the end of January to deal with the higher the excess reserve ratio of cash after the Spring Festival, February through reverse repurchase shrinkage recovery liquidity. The amount of net return up to now 2 month reverse repurchase has reached 8450 billion yuan, so the judge 2 at the end of May the level of excess reserve rate will drop to 1.7%-1.8%, liquidity is not very good, worthy of attention. Societe Generale Securities believes that the rebound in the current round of time and space are relatively limited, therefore, the operation strategy should be based on the counterattack in the structure to consider switching layout have not been paid enough attention and had a positive change in the rhythm plate, using good harvest and environment flexible control positions. The current rally is more of a repair period of rapid release of market risk after the rebound after the harvest will be re facing long-term variables, from the point of view of the next 3-6 months, still need to beware of the risk premium rise adjustment, so a large amount of money for investment or a larger rebound in stocks, gradually harvest rebound results.

快讯:沪指下跌1.74%破2900 两市超2000股飘绿-搜狐新闻  A股春节后表现不俗,截至昨日,沪指已累计上涨6%,市场情绪面相比1月明显好转,但经历几轮股灾剧烈暴跌的打击,投资者入市情绪依旧谨慎,经过节后连续多日上涨,投资情绪已有所分化,多空分歧加大,短期变盘因素正在积聚。   今日A股小幅低开,沪指开盘报2922.24点,下跌0.23%。深成指开盘报10290.96点,下跌0.16%。创业板开盘报2198.93点,下跌0.22%。随后三大股指集体震荡走低,沪指盘中再度跌破2900点,此后大盘跌势依旧不减,截止目前,沪指跌1.74%,报2877点,深指跌2.1%,报10091点,创业板更是跌2.38%,报2151点。两市超2000股飘绿。   板块方面,仅燃气、青海2板块红盘,其余板块均收绿,钛白粉、大数据、高送转、基因测序等题材股板块领跌大市。   受月度缴税等因素影响,同时近期公开市场到期量偏大而央行逆回购投放未明显缓解资金面偏紧势头,资金面较之前明显趋紧。今日,中国银行间市场1天期质押式回购利率开盘大涨25.76个基点,随后涨幅扩大至近33个基点至2.2988%,创逾10个月高点。   华创证券分析师齐晟认为,央行利用天量逆回购代替降准的目的之一可能就是不让流动性过于泛滥,在1月底以较高超储率应对春节取现后,2月份通过逆回购缩量回收部分流动性。截至目前2月份逆回购的净回笼量已经达到了8450亿元,因此判断2月末超储率恐怕将下降至1.7%-1.8%的水平,流动性并不十分宽裕,值得注意。   兴业证券认为,本轮反弹的时间和空间都相对有限,因此,操作策略应立足防守反击,在结构上考虑切换布局未被充分重视而又产生了积极变化的板块,在节奏上利用好收获期的温和环境灵活控制仓位。目前的反弹更多是市场风险快速释放过后的一段修复期,反弹收获期之后将会重新面临中长期变量的考量,从未来3-6个月来看,仍需要提防风险溢价上升带来的调整,因此对于资金量较大的投资者或者反弹幅度较大的个股,可逐步收获反弹成果。相关的主题文章: