New technology into the market will compete with Uber – Sohu travel

New technology to enter the market will compete with Uber – Sohu travel and tourism consumers will soon usher in the outbreak of a taxi software. Some new technologies are about to enter the business tourism. A lot of new and old companies have launched the company with "the new system of responsibility – care platform to enhance the customer’s user experience, with the hope that this point is iCars beat Uber. in February last year, set up in San Francisco, now the company’s business has been developed to Austen, Houston, Dallas and Chicago and other regions. According to its chairman Ed Silver said the company plans to develop in Losangeles and other regions. Through the company’s mobile applications and websites, passengers can make real-time car booking and future car booking. There are three types of vehicles available: black cars, luxury SUV and custom classic cars. Ed Silver said that Future Ltd will increase the number of car types. With the trend that individual visitors can download and use mobile apps, iCars has grown from a service platform for business travelers. Visitors are registered in the application, select agents, and agents can establish the appropriate employment relationship through the application. Sellers can also visit the company’s Web site, through the website to see the company’s vehicle use. The company is very strict with the driver. Silver said: "you will never encounter a background of uncensored drivers or through the random drug testing of the driver, you will not encounter any dress does not meet the federal government requirements of the driver. It’s impossible for us to get a student to pick up a customer. Our clients are critical and serious people who choose to believe in us because we understand the meaning of the word." The company is committed to international development, but also with a number of potential partners such as FCM Travel Solutions, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Concur Expensify and other companies to seek cooperation. These mobile applications port is very important for us, we have to strive to achieve a tight connection between information release and product launch." Silver says. Driver Employment Company has also been involved in the market. Dav El|BostonCoach Transportation Network and EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Servicesrecently two companies announced that they and its subsidiaries will continue in the summer in the city of New York to launch their luxury service, then will be launched in the United States and other markets. According to the Dav El|BostonCoach CEO Scott Solombrino said, visitors can make a reservation by mobile application providers, then the distance of available vehicles according to the uniform pricing will recently completed online transaction. As Silver and Solombrino said: "care s相关的主题文章: