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Contain the new energy vehicles subsidy policy — cheat up to improve energy, reported to the Ministry of Finance recently released a special inspection of the application of new energy vehicles subsidy funds on the situation, Suzhou GMC bus manufacturing company limited exposure five typical "cheat fill" case. Netizens think, curb cheat up chaos, in addition to heavy penalties for companies involved, the need to improve the subsidy system design, establish a strict administrative and legal responsibility. At the same time, the new energy automotive industry can not rely on excessive subsidies of asylum policy, timely fall, forced enterprises to make up the short board, to promote the healthy development of the industry into orbit as soon as possible. Punish someone’s car enterprises large amount of subsidies has become illegal acts of money making tool, very hateful. The impact of this thing is far from being cheated some subsidies so simple, the whole industry of new energy vehicles have been hurt, resulting in ‘bad money to expel good money’ phenomenon, this issue is worth pondering." Internet users "Ding Huajie" said. Netizen "Du Caiyun" said the five companies cheat up 1 billion yuan, if not under the "heavy hand", the new energy automotive industry may later became a national adoption "lazy calf". Assume that all car prices will play false, with the government subsidies for new energy automobile enterprise’s original intention be quite different, not heavy enough to suggest a strategic ambition of national development of new energy vehicles. Some netizens pointed out that the new energy vehicles subsidy fraud has become an open secret, to cheat up punishment must not casually, advice on the new energy vehicles subsidy fraud cases investigated in the end, to punish. There are users that in addition to punish unscrupulous manufacturers, also should be held accountable for the relevant departments, the audit supervision of dereliction of duty. In short, we must establish a sound accountability mechanism. Subsidies to promote timely fall development of new energy automotive industry, so subsidies to play a greater role, should fully respect the market and consumers. To solve this problem, the system must be reasonable." Netizens said, wrote. Netizen "Xu Bing said," in economic policy, the "bricks and mortar" or "fill poll" although controversial, but from the laws of economics, it is generally accepted "fill poll" is much higher than the "fill bricks and mortar". Because the "complement" is to let the market play a role, so that consumers use their own money, to choose who is a good brick". Netizens Zhao Shiyong that the government to develop various types of subsidies, the starting point is good, but also played a huge role, but as long as there are subsidies, there will be the risk of fraud. Therefore, the government should strictly control and tighten all kinds of financial subsidies, reduce the qualification examination and approval behavior, the use of tax and other market-oriented approach to promote the development of new industries, or subsidies can not only play a role, but let the enterprises lose the power of development. Netizens Shu Shengxiang also said that the facts have repeatedly proved that government subsidies to the money, to guide enterprises to increase investment in a certain area, is not the best way. How big is the market for new energy vehicles, after all, the market has the final say, of course, the government can guide the policy, but can not cause excessive reliance on enterprises. Recently, the Ministry of finance has said it will raise the industrial policy barriers to entry, take timely measures subsidies fall off, I hope the relevant departments to increase the intensity of policy implementation, to promote China’s)相关的主题文章: