Neal Pomper Is The Best Way To Fight When Family Tries

Divors For over 25 years, the law firm of Pomper & Associates has worked diligently to provide exemplary client service in a field where clients are often left in the dark. It has been their policy to keep clients informed of progress in their case. Once engaged, associates of Neal Pomper in Highland Park be.e available to answer question promptly and respond to emergencies day or night, seven days a week. With Pomper & Associates you are never alone, they are beside you every step of the way through your divorce. Mr. Pomper, after passing both the Massachusetts and the New York state bars, in addition to the New Jersey bar, opened his own practice in Lakewood, New Jersey in 1981. Building upon his formula of caring concern for his clients and prompt response to their needs, Neal Pomper expanded his practice by opening an additional office in Freehold, New Jersey in 1987. A third location was added for Neal Pomper at Highland Park with the acquisition of Alman & Michaels in 2001. With his expansion into Highland Park-Middlesex County, Mr. Pomper persists in his dedication to family law while continuing the other areas of law handled by Alman & Michaels such as powers of attorney, real estate, wills and guardianships, to name a few. The name Neal Pomper in Highland Park carries considerable weight, as his reputation as a fighter for the rights of his clients is well known through central New Jersey. Often in the forefront of establishing precedents in family law, Mr. Pomper campaigned for the granting of a religious divorce (get) to a Jewish wife with the granting of a secular divorce. Additionally, he fought and won a judgment against a non-custodial father who had refused to help pay for his childs graduate school education. A third case, certain to instill confidence in potential clients of Neal Pomper that Highland Park residents can point to with pride, concerned a custody battle over a minor child. He successfully barred a clergyman convicted of soliciting sex with a minor over the inter. from having contact with his minor daughter. With a strong sense of right and wrong and a dedication to duty, Neal Pomper brings his expertise and passion to family law Contact any of his three offices when you need the best family law representation; with his carefully selected staff he is ready to do battle for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: