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Nanchang Tingzheng taxi franchise fee – Sohu news Xinhua Nanchang February 14th news (reporter Chen Yushan) compensation for the use of a reporter from the Nanchang Municipal Transportation Bureau, Nanchang city has developed "on the day before the preliminary plan" stop sign and return the taxi franchise fees paid, since this year, Nanchang taxi stop franchise fees paid. Nanchang, deputy secretary of Transportation Bureau Wu Jiuming introduced, with the popularity of car, express network about the new format in the car, the taxi has been no small impact in the market competition. By the taxi franchise fees paid, enterprise management fees constitute the "money" is widely criticized by the taxi driver to stop the phenomenon have occurred throughout. The second half of 2015, Nanchang began brewing reform of the taxi industry. The taxi stop collecting franchise fees paid, through long-term research is taken after the "ice breaking" action. According to reports, Nanchang stopped the taxi franchise fees paid, with taxi market reform, in order to reduce the cost of car rental business, to lay the foundation for fair competition environment. Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing city from 2015 onwards has been stop collecting taxi franchise fees paid, and refund the unused fee paid. It is reported that will advance the actual collection of Nanchang 1 April 1 2016 years of taxi franchise fees paid shall be refunded. Return the taxi franchise fees paid on the principle of back to the taxi contract owners, taxi companies may withhold. Preliminary estimates, Nanchang (excluding Jinxian, Anyi county two) is expected to return the taxi franchise fee paid for the use of 84 million yuan. In view of the Nanchang municipal finance reform this year has arranged for a taxi 70 million yuan of special funds from the clean government fund stock shortage of funds transferred to the general budget co-ordination arrangements.

南昌停征出租汽车经营权有偿使用费-搜狐新闻  新华社南昌2月14日专电(记者陈毓珊)记者从南昌市交通运输局获悉,南昌市日前制定了《关于停征和退还出租汽车经营权有偿使用费的初步方案》,从今年起,南昌停止征收出租汽车经营权有偿使用费。   南昌市交通运输局副局长吴久铭介绍,随着专车、快车等网络约车新业态的普及,出租车在市场竞争中受到了不小冲击。由出租车经营权有偿使用费、企业管理费等构成的“份子钱”广受诟病,出租司机怠工停驶现象在各地时有发生。2015年下半年,南昌开始酝酿出租车行业的改革。此次停止征收出租汽车经营权有偿使用费,是通过长期研究调研后采取的“破冰”行动。   据介绍,南昌叫停出租汽车经营权有偿使用费,顺应出租汽车市场化改革的要求,旨在降低出租汽车经营成本,为公平的竞争环境打下基础。武汉、杭州、南京等城市从2015年起已陆续停止征收出租汽车经营权有偿使用费,并退还未使用的有偿使用费。   据悉,南昌将预先实际征收的2016年1月1日以后的出租汽车经营权有偿使用费予以退还。退还出租车经营权有偿使用费原则上退给出租汽车承包车主,出租汽车企业不得截留。   经初步测算,南昌市(不含进贤、安义两县)预计退还出租汽车经营权有偿使用费约为8400万元。鉴于今年南昌市财政已安排出租车改革专项资金7000万元,不足部分从清理的政府性基金存量资金调入一般预算中统筹安排。相关的主题文章: