My Mom Loves Free Satellite

Movies-TV It is true my Mother loves her free satellite TV; but not for any of the reasons you can imagine. This is a tale .pletely separate and apart from anything you might think you know. So read on and find out my secret for liking satellite TV. I think you wont be disappointed. I, along with the rest of my siblings, was raised on a very remote ranch on the Southwestern high dessert of the United States. Now you must .e to understand my definition of remote. It means no electricity, no telephone, no city water, etc. In fact, the nearest Big Mac was/is 45 miles down an unimproved dirt road. Then if there is any type of weather you probably should make the trip in an off-road 4 wheel truck. How awful! I can hear you saying that right now. But that is just your city self talking. I have lived in both worlds of the ranch and the city. Believe me there is no .parison. Your city looses every time. In the beginning [of ranch life for my family] it was primitive I admit. However, over the years we develop the property into our own world. We developed a pressurized water system from our spring; it also powered a turbine generator for electricity. We have large generator backups for that system. And for triple redundancy the ranch has a very nice solar system. It was not hard to develop all these little niceties of life. It was .munication and entertainment that we could not duplicate. That did not really matter in those days as we were all busy from morning to evening on one project or another. When I .pleted my chores then I began my home schooling. When that was all done for the day we children had 10,000 square acres of dessert around us as our play ground. .munications came along with the advent of the cell phone. My mother and sisters loved that and took full advantage of the system. We had a VCR and large TV on which we could watch movies in the evening with the power from the solar system. I have found out since then it really was a good thing that I did not have .mercial TV to pollute my mind. This was all good. However, some years back my Mother had an accident. She ended up a semi invalid unable to walk without a mechanical walker. That of course meant she could not be active outside and was limited to the house. We kept her in movies for awhile but that soon became a boring experience for her. I had heard about Satellite TV but by them I was living in the city and had no interest in such a thing. One day I was reading an advertisement about Satellite TV and it dawned upon me that it worked from a satellite. DA!? Within the week we had a free satellite TV installed for Mom running off her solar system. It seems her loneliness just evaporated. She still cannot move around much without her walker, but she smiles a lot more. She is in contact with the world through that satellite TV. She is up to date on news, documentaries and most of all her soap shows. It makes me very happy to see her living her life again. I am now grown and working in e.merce and websites. It seems only natural that I should put in a web page about satellite TV on my website. It has been a God send to my Mother. Maybe one or two others will hear me and benefit from a free satellite TV. Oh by the way, the satellite TV has worked out so well for Mom we installed a satellite inter. for Dad. He smiles a lot when we mention it but will never admit how much he enjoys it. I know he does though. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: