Multiple Streams Of In.e With Inter. Mlm-noiseware

Business Anybody who has been in MLM for any length of time has probably heard about Multiple Streams of In.e. This is an old theory pre-dating MLM, saying that we should have in.e .ing in from a number of different sources (streams). Many traditional MLM .panies adopt this philosophy and say that each person you sponsor can be.e an in.e stream. But what happens if that MLM .pany closes down. Couldn’t happen, you cry. Oh yes it does. And when it does happen, all in.e streams are gone in one go. The original concept of Multiple Streams of In.e was to protect you from just that happening, so if you lost one stream you had the others to fall back on. So how can you achieve Multiple Streams of In.e with MLM? The answer to this is easy on the Internet, but is a big no-no in traditional MLM philosophy. That is to join several MLM/affiliate .panies and market them under an umbrella website. The umbrella site will bring all your MLM/affiliate .panies to your prospects attention at the same time. This is the power of the Internet. With traditional MLM you can’t really present several MLM plans at the same time (heck its hard enough to get prospects to join one plan). Also think of how much time it would take to present about 3 plans round the kitchen table! Furthermore, Internet MLM/affiliates tend to be cheaper to join and simpler to run. You can put together MLM/Affiliate .panies on a similar theme. For example health and beauty .panies; one dealing with health products, another with exercise equipment and maybe one doing beauty products. It could be a household accounting theme with a telephony .pany, a utilities .pany and a credit card .pany. It could be a bank robbery theme, one doing guns, one doing getaway cars and one doinghmmm, maybe not such a good idea. Anyway, whichever .bination you choose, you should be able to market them under one umbrella site, then you truly will have multiple steams of in.e. Then, should one .pany go bust, you really do have other streams of in.e. Furthermore, it is easy to find alternative .panies on the internet should one go under. The other important .ponent of an umbrella site is that it should be able to gather names and email addresses of visitors and be able to automatically follow up with messages from an autoresponder. People seldom buy from their first look, but after several follow ups they are more likely to. Even if you already have a MLM business that you are working on, as long as you have a website for it, you can still use this method. The most important thing is to get traffic to your site. So maybe you could couple up with advertising and/or lead generating affiliates under an "umbrella" site to bring traffic to that umbrella site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: