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Mobile phone software hidden Trojan virus   bank card was planning to go 30 thousand yuan — communication channel — original title: mobile phone software hidden Trojan virus bank card was planning to go 30 thousand yuan bank card was planning to go 30 thousand yuan, has not received any notification…… Recently, Nanjing police cracked a case. Police said the criminals through the mobile phone software implanted trojan virus, mobile phone will intercept SMS verification code in the background, private access to the victim’s bank card, ID card and other information, and some can even "extortion", fraudulent users of funds. The bank card was planning to go 30 thousand yuan, has not received any notification in July 3rd this year, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Yuhuatai branch Meishan police station received a public warning Mr. Liu, said his 30 thousand yuan bank card at noon on July 2nd was transferred to a strange account. Mr. Liu is not the transfer of the operation, he did not receive any information on the binding of the phone, Mr. Liu was also found in the evening after the online banking was transferred money. After the police investigation found that Mr. Liu’s mobile phone to download a video software installation package in the presence of an unknown APK file, the file is an unknown trojan virus was packaged. According to Mr. Liu recalled, he did not pass the official app store to download the software, but in the browser search results in selected download; in the installation of the software also has a APK file pop-up request. Mr. Liu thought this is just request pop-up when installing the software, so I did not doubt, click "allow" option. After the incident, the Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate the case. After a month of follow-up, August 26th, 3 suspects on suspicion of theft Liu card deposit in Guangxi arrested. Police found that the suspect is the use of the video software to do occlusion, quietly using a Trojan virus embedded in the phone to Liu for remote monitoring, while stealing bank card information in the phone. In addition, the suspect also use the Trojan program to intercept the bank sent SMS notification. In addition, they will also fake software download link sent via SMS to the victim in this way on the victim’s mobile phone implanted trojan virus, mobile phone operation when using part of public awareness is not strong loopholes for fraud. Police advise: careful download mobile phone software, Nanjing police said that the current network of fraud in the way of renovation is very rapid, and very strong camouflage. If people want to avoid this kind of fraud from the source, it is necessary to have a large number of personal and online banking information on the phone to operate carefully, so as not to phone poisoning, resulting in incalculable losses. 1 people in the download software to the official app store or the official website to download unknown software, which may have hidden Trojan virus. 2 if there is some civil life and related units, to send personal messages, advised the public in this case must be called to verify each other; at the same time do not point to open any strange number sent by unknown links, it is very likely to have hidden Trojan virus. 3 if a continuous period of time is not received any messages, should check whether the mobile phone has been poisoned. If abnormal, should be timely alarm. Article)相关的主题文章: