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Minmetals capital backdoor *ST Rui Eve suspended Shen on gold regulatory control platform listed hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you the original title: Minmetals capital falls on the eve of the backdoor is suspended be careful of the insider supervision of financial holding platform listed newspaper reporter Zhou Yixue Beijing reported to a close to the transaction of the twenty-first Century economic report told reporters, for the gold control platform for the overall market, the current regulatory very cautious attitude. Minmetals capital as the first case on the reorganization case, has a wind vane significance, therefore must be strictly audit. Striking one snag after another. The evening of October 12th, this will be in the near future will Minmetals capital backdoor *ST Rui (600390.SH) listed on the case, suddenly heard the stop message, raising speculation. In the suspension announcement, *ST Rui said that due to the reorganization of the need for further verification, so the company decided to suspend the audit, to deal with the following application and submit related matters. According to a person close to the capital of the Minmetals insider revealed that the original merger and reorganization committee arrangement is October 13th, but in the will, and to supplement the relevant materials required, therefore postponed the date on. And this will be the backdoor *ST Rui listed Minmetals financial assets, Minmetals trust assets is certainly one of the most market attention, not only because of its large amount of assets, which involves trust assets listing and other sensitive topics. Market speculation, whether to suspend the audit related with Minmetals trust. "The suspension of the audit Never mind and Minmetals trust, mainly for Minmetals Minmetals futures and securities issues, the ownership structure of the." Informed sources told reporters, are relatively small problems, is expected to be resolved soon." This year, the local state-owned enterprises or central enterprises to integrate its financial assets, through the backdoor listing to build a case of financial control platform. Minmetals capital backdoor *ST Rui is one example of the fastest progress, with the benchmark significance. Informed sources pointed out that the backdoor listing of the financial control platform, the current regulatory attitude is very cautious, this is the reason for the suspension of the audit, from a regulatory point of view, to be flawless". The suspension of the audit in May 20th of this year, *ST Rui announcement that intends to issue a total of about 1 billion 807 million shares to 10.15 yuan shares, the total price of 18 billion 336 million yuan, the acquisition of the indirect controlling shareholder of China Minmetals Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "CMCL") held 100% of the equity capital, Minmetals Minmetals Minmetals trust 1.86% stake, 3.40% equity securities and futures by Yi Minmetals 10.40% equity. The capital is the gold Minmetals Minmetals shares under the control platform. After the completion of the transaction, *ST will indirectly hold capital by Rui Minmetals Minmetals trust 67.86% stake, Minmetals securities 99.76% equity and 99% equity futures by Yi Minmetals Minmetals, and other related financial enterprises equity capital subsidiary. After the transaction, on the theory相关的主题文章: