Ministry of human resources and social security in 2017 began to establish a unified system of urban adobe gamma

Department: 2017 to establish a unified medical insurance system for urban and rural residents in Beijing in October 9, Xinhua (reporter Gao Jing, Xu Bo) Ministry of human resources and social security issued 9 notice, proposed accelerate urban and rural basic medical insurance integration, and strive to achieve before the end of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) the introduction of integration scheme, Medicare system for urban and rural residents since 2017 the establishment of a unified. Notification requirements to improve the Medicare payment mechanism, improve the interest regulation mechanism, guide the masses orderly treatment, let the hospital have the power of rational drug use and control the cost, power and referral of patients were reasonable, normative the behavior of medical institutions, stimulate endogenous power cost control. At the same time, improve the health care financing and treatment adjustment mechanism, and gradually establish the social and economic development level, the parties bear the ability to adapt to the basic medical insurance and sustainable financing mechanism, improve the basic medical insurance treatment adjustment mechanism and financing level adaptation. To improve the urban and rural residents serious illness insurance system. In the basic medical insurance to accelerate the national network and remote medical immediate settlement, notice requirements to ensure that next year the basic realization of inter provincial relocation of retirees hospitalization cost of direct settlement, by the end of 2017, the basic realization of remote medical referral in accordance with provisions of the hospitalization expenses of direct settlement. In addition, the notice also proposed to improve the medical insurance handling mechanism, accelerate the establishment of personnel salaries in line with the characteristics of the medical industry, to mobilize the enthusiasm of medical staff and other creative requirements. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: