Men who shave less often have a higher death

What’s more, the men who shave their heads and notice how many men shave their beards and even affect their lives? According to Taiwan’s news today reported, according to a British study, the middle-aged man found that men should shave every day whether affect the life chances and not shave every day men with cardiovascular disease than people will shave every day. According to a team of researchers at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, 2438 middle-aged men were observed to analyze the association between the presence of a shave and coronary heart disease and stroke. The researchers say 835 people have died in the study of the past 20 years. But overall, not shave every day more than 45% people died; at least daily shaving a beard has 31% of people who died. The results showed that the risk of death was higher than that of the daily shave, but was not related to whether they had a bad habit of smoking. Professor Abraham, of the Department of social medicine, said that people who do not shave often have higher rates of death, which may be caused by smoking and some social factors, but some are affected by hormones. According to the results of the study, most of the people who don’t shave every day are mostly unmarried, and they are mostly blue collar workers. They find that they enjoy less orgasms, shorter stature, and suffer from angina. In addition, studies have found that fashion model patent "Catwalk", have strong kidney and enhance sexual function. There are Chinese experts pointed out that the "Catwalk", in addition to enhance physical fitness, alleviate psychological pressure, because the position on the formation of a certain amplitude of the twisted cross, not only can make the muscles to keep the tension, but also improve the pelvic blood circulation. Note 1, do not shave in the shower before shaving just after shaving skin has a lot of minimally invasive, invisible to the naked eye is very sensitive, then immediately take a bath, shampoo, liquid soap and hot water stimulation, easy to cause the shaving area of discomfort or redness. 2, do not shave before exercise exercise, the body’s blood circulation, a lot of sweat will stimulate you just scratch the skin, causing discomfort or infection. 3, do not shave neps shaving tablets will be blown neatlier, but easy to stimulate the skin to form beard. 4, in the early morning shaving is the best time to shave, sleep due to accelerated metabolism, sebaceous gland secretion exuberant, making hair grow rapidly. After a night crazy long morning is the best time to cut down. And this time the skin is more relaxed, shaving can also reduce the chance of being scratched.相关的主题文章: