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Matsushitani Nao: let the children love to read by ear – Sohu maternal family education books recommended parenting information please pay attention to my public number "Da Da – children’s books" (dldhb2018) books on what impress children? Why is 2-5 years old children "eat language age", why language family is the most valuable wealth? How to listen to the Japanese Picture Book Master Mr. Matsushitani Nao said. Matsushitani Nao, the father of "picture of japan". Member of the Japan Society of publication, the director of the international children’s Council (JBBY) of Japan, the vice president of the center for Chinese children’s literature and art exchange. What is the name of the picture book "Matsui wrote", "look at the picture book, picture book" eyes "," time "to go for a walk in the forest picture book" and other works. His central idea is that the story is the best link to the parent-child relationship. Today, we share one of his important speech – by ear, let the children fall in love with reading Matsushitani Nao speech how to make children like books? This is the Thailand Bangkok Qilalun Kunming University invited me to lecture the topic. At that time, the University gave me a question, the question is: how to make children like books – is the text? Or by painting? My answer to this question is: by ear. I think it is the most important thing for children to read and listen to the language. On this point, as long as we think about how we become the language itself, how to master the language, you can understand. When considering the problem of children’s reading, we should realize that it is very important for children to have the experience of listening to the language in their infancy. Before learning to read the text, it is not enough to listen to the experience of listening to the native language. If the experience is poor, the children after learning ability, reading ability, thinking ability and concentration has a great influence. I think that language is not knowledge, language is a kind of human body and mind with a deeper relationship. And the language is invisible to the eye. I can see the world through the invisible language and create the world I see. The unique experience of telling stories to tell stories to children in their own way, this experience is particularly important for today’s children. In this era of film and television, the most important thing is to talk to the children around them, or to read them. Not for children to read, but adults to listen to children. With the experience of listening to the language, then the child learns to read the text, and through the text into the language of the world, experience the fun. Can the language heard by children in their daily life be called language? Sound, listen to the sound from the TV, look at the picture. In my view, in fact, from a physiological point of view, the language heard on television can not be regarded as language, I am afraid it can only be a sound. My lecture to the students in the University, I often ask them to read when the video memory, for example, a film called "Bambi" Disney movie, it is a cartoon. When I ask what they remember, they say,!相关的主题文章: