Manchester City positive! To play or Boba Pro for succession sports as Guardiola Toure –

Manchester City good! To play or Boba Pro for the succession Toure – Sohu sports Boba Pro Cheng would like to go over Guardiola   Guardiola; Manchester City midfielder is currently yayatoure, but with Guardiola white, Ivory Coast star is likely to leave the Edie Harder stadium, and the British media have disclosed, Manchester for Juventus midfielder Boba is very interested in, and good news, "Italy football" pointed out in an interview, Boba specially compliment Guardiola up, he also revealed the future to accept Guardiola’s temper in the. Boba in this season especially helpful writer for 15 consecutive victories, but he is also a rare all-around football midfielder Manchester pursued by the object, allegedly, Guardiola also appreciate the French, and in the Champions League against Bayern, Boba overtures Guardiola, "Guardiola has a very rich teaching experience, but also a great coaching philosophy, his personality can also affect the whole team, all the players respected him for Guardiola, you can only see him, and hope you can learn something from him." "Guardiola is a great man in football, and I hear he can make every player in his team get better. I’m now a Juventus player, but in the future, of course, I’ll probably play for him." It is not difficult to see that such a statement that Boba admire Guardiola, although also in pursuit of such a Barcelona midfielder Reggie, but the cosmos limited budget, and Manchester City in terms of finance is no such concerns, if given a good offer, they have the opportunity to buy Juventus core. (listening to the wind) 曼城利好!波巴亲承愿为瓜帅踢球 或将接班图雷-搜狐体育 波巴亲承愿投奔瓜帅    曼城目前的中场核心是亚亚-图雷,不过随着瓜迪奥拉的入主,科特迪瓦球星很可能离开伊蒂哈德球场,而英国媒体曾经披露,曼城对于尤文中场波巴非常感兴趣,而好消息传来,《意大利足球》指出,波巴在接受采访时特地恭维了瓜迪奥拉一番,他也透露未来渴望在瓜帅麾下接受锤炼。   波巴在这个赛季帮助尤文豪取15连胜,而他是足坛少有的全能后腰,也是曼城尽力追求的对象,据称,瓜迪奥拉也非常欣赏法国人,而在欧冠淘汰赛交锋拜仁前,波巴示好瓜帅,“瓜迪奥拉有着非常丰富的执教经验,同时也有着伟大的执教理念,他的人格魅力也可以影响整支球队,所有的球员都很敬重他,对于瓜帅,你只能瞻仰他,并且希望可以从他那里学到一些东西。”   “瓜迪奥拉就是足球界的伟人,我听说他可以让麾下的每一名球员都得到进步。我现在是尤文图斯的球员,不过未来,当然有可能为瓜帅踢球。”   不难看出,这样的一番表态说明波巴非常欣赏瓜迪奥拉,虽然巴萨也在追求这样一名中场猛将,但是宇宙队预算有限,而曼城在财政方面则没有这样的担忧,如果给出不错的报价的话,他们有机会购入尤文核心。   (听风)相关的主题文章: