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"Mail" event fermentation, American campaign turmoil (international view) – International – core reading American general election is entering a critical period of intense competition, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? "Mail incident continues to ferment. When the FBI investigated Hilary’s "mail door" incident, it found about 15 thousand other e-mails that were not handed over to the State Department by the Hilary team. Hilary served as U.S. Secretary of state completely to use private e-mail public events are rivals grabbed hold. Published email shows that Clinton foundation donors with the State Department has a stake in the relationship. Public opinion here, the mail door event may further damage the image of Hilary, cast a shadow on the road of its election. Open mail display family foundation have related interests according to the The Associated Press reported in August 23rd and the U.S. State Department statistics show a schedule of donors, public and 154 private representatives Hilary served as U.S. Secretary of state during the meeting, at least 85 people to the family foundation — the Clinton foundation donations or grants fund commitments, involving funds totaling $156 million at least 40 people, the amount of donation of more than $100 thousand in donations of more than $1 million in 20. Earlier there has been criticism of public opinion Hilary took advantage of the State Council during the use of his position, for the benefit of the Clinton foundation, The Associated Press’s findings seem to support the claim. The already open mail display, Hilary and associates with these donors in close contact. The Associated Press commented that Hilary served as secretary of state during the schedule shows that the donation to the Clinton foundation is a chance to get a chance to meet with Mr. Hilary". In addition, Hilary met with representatives of at least 16 foreign governments who donated $170 million to the Clinton foundation. Reported that a lot of donations for the United States Secretary of state when the family fund contributions of course, there is a map. Subsequently, the Hilary campaign spokesman Blaine Fallon? Denied that the The Associated Press will not include Hilary met with foreign leaders, the State Council staff included, distorted the facts. However, Hilary during his tenure, the State Council with the Clinton family foundation has long been the subject of criticism. Former US President Clinton said in a statement 22, if Hilary can win the presidential election, he will no longer serve as directors of the Clinton foundation, foreign institutions no longer accept donations, no longer held annual international aid project meeting, and stop the "Clinton Global Initiative" and overseas project. However, political observers say the fact that more than 6 thousand organizations and individuals have donated more than $2 billion to the Clinton family fund since 2000 cannot be changed. It’s all bad news. As early as in March 2015 the media on the exposure of Hilary as secretary of state during the use of private e-mail and server processing business, has been disclosed involving top secret mail. A message, Public opinion is seething with indignation. Hilary admitted to working with private mail during Secretary of state相关的主题文章: