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Magic town made the 51 lottery millionaires total winning 1 billion 400 million super magic "booth" according to the British "Daily Express" reported that the Romford Essex town because of the rich lottery has been hailed as the "luckiest town", the town more than 50 thousand the number of awards in Britain ranked first. Recently, the town center set up a special telephone booth, local residents hope that through this booth and share good luck, and for everyone to "predict" the national lottery number. Since the 1994 lottery, Romford town every 952 people have 1 people to get over 50 thousand pounds (Sina lottery prize note: about 500 thousand yuan), as of now, the town’s residents accumulated in the 165 million pounds (Sina lottery note: about 1 billion 400 million yuan), and the birth of the 51 million millionaire. This "lucky town" of the special booth set up in the center of town street, it is reported that the phone is unusually hot, every day from around the UK hotline. Local residents can be at any time, free to answer the phone, they are also very happy to help those who choose the number, and share their luck. Dean, who has passed the lucky number, said: "I was shopping, I heard the phone ring, and I took it. A lady from Newcastle asked me to help her pick up 6 numbers. If she wins, I hope she remembers me." John, an official in the town of Roma, said the reason for the establishment of the local telephone booth, is hoping to share with the people of the country, the lucky town. "We hope everyone can call to Rom Forde residents seeking advice, many people are answering a call in winning it." John said. In addition, the local government believes that this interesting activity also reflects the values of Rom Forde and its unique, that is: the residents here are unique, warm and approachable. It is understood that each year more than 172 thousand tourists to visit the town, with a total consumption of more than 548 million yuan. (source: "Daily Express" compiled by Yu Jiayi)相关的主题文章: