Lotto 2016114th prediction and numerical decline – fear of

Lotto 2016114th: prediction and numerical decline on the lottery number – fear of Sohu: 1011173034 + 0312, the size is 2:3, the parity ratio of 2:3, and the value is 102, three area ratio is 2:1:2. Super Lotto 16114 accurate prediction analysis: [analysis] before the district size ratio: the out size ratio of 2:3, decimal show dominance, nearly 5 size ratio were 2:3, 4:1, 3:2, 4:1, 4:1, has certain rules, this period value size than 1:4. Parity ratio: the period from the parity ratio of 2:3, even a strong attack, the lottery can continue to be optimistic about the odd strong. The 012 way: on the 0 road number 1, number 1 Road 2, 2 Road code number 2, the future trend of the ratio of a period of 012 anti 1:3:1 open road. And value: on the issue and a value of 102, according to a recent trend, and the current value will decline, recommended attention interval 82-98. [analysis] the Post issued after 0312, small and large, parity combination, according to a recent post lottery trend, that the area number of features may be the size of parity. 5+2 forecast: 1113151628 + 0512相关的主题文章: