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LOL official game details exposure: made $80 – Sina hero alliance zone related news: fist launch LOL desktop game mercenary war games mecha famous website shutupandsitdown (hereinafter SU& SD instead) published a prospective article, talk to a soon to be released from the fist company board, called "Mechs Vs. Minions, which has never been disclosed before. The article published shortly after withdrawal and delete, coincidentally, the reddit forum ID left the screenshot for Unubore users, the following is the specific content: "today’s headlines from the fist game, as the electronic game industry worthy of the name giant’s sitting on a big league brand, made a fist based on a hero the World League games. Board game called "Mechs Vs. Minions’, is expected after a few months will be able to get in the hands of game player, 2016 is the most exciting time of product release, but this secret oh. Vs Mechs. Minions is a multi person cooperative competitive game, support up to 4 people to play, the robot will have to open up a road between a group of mini warriors, only to kill you. I want to praise it, the games like ‘Robo Rally’ and ‘Descent’ (two foreign famous games) combination in the process of gradual completion of combat tasks, can experience a lot from the League of legends handed down surprises and fun. Look at it! The contents of the game box is too rich, there are pre printed cards, metal dice, as well as the history of the most eye-catching inlay. As for the thing in the box, to say that the history of the most extravagant game, "Mechs Vs. Minions is one of the competitors’ strength, but the high price is also only in my life. The price is about $80, and the retail price is less than half of what I expected. In other words, you will hear a lot about the game information. But! This site will not release information about it. At least I don’t hear from this, because you must understand second things: I have done the design consultant for this game. So while ‘Vs Mechs. Minions’ fun and value, but it also represents a significant difference between our interests, and ultimately lead to our inability to cooperate. So please pay attention to other sources of news. Anyway, you are in SU& SD is not see." As mentioned earlier, the above comes from SU& SD has been deleted articles, shared by the reddit user Unubore. It is estimated that the article and information released too early, there is no official description! You should keep your eyes open! Foreign friends comment: neenerpants as an avid game game player, I think the picture shows the details of a little cool ah, think it will sell 80 knife. .相关的主题文章: