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Lippi can’t personally play chicken soup and sensational can save Chinese football? – the moment Sohu sports match ended, the 68 year old Lippi – · Touyebuhui to channel into the player, who can see Italy, the old man is very angry, very angry — he hated the team had no luck, hate the Kunming post and beam is not sensible, or maybe he’ll hate you cannot personally Chinese soccer goal. "If we don’t have luck in every game, then we really can’t win". After the news conference, Lippi shows between the lines with regret and frustration. 22 foot shot, more than 60% of the ball, in three years ago, Guangzhou Hengda can use such data within the scope of any Asian victory over the enemy, but in the night of the "Spring City" Kunming, 32000 China fans just witnessed a "Hope" of 0 to 0. A day before the game, Qatar coach Fossati ended his press conference with such a joke: "thankfully, tomorrow is Qatar and China players contest, instead of Fossati and Lippi showdown". As Lippi himself said after the game, everyone saw the play football in the game of football, players are confident, resolute, dare to show himself, Zheng Zhihe Wu Xi’s shot, almost as the xianbatouchou. However, in the face of a chance, in soccer or because of various reasons can not grasp, as Fossati said, "Lippi is a world class coach, but his appearance does not make enough to 12 people played", in other words, even if the Italian world class name and the tactical thought famous, but the China team still depends on the decline in the state of Gao Lin, young Zhang Yuning or unstable state of mind Wu Lei contributions. Lippi in 10 days China back mentality and tactical level track, but the time wasted and embarrassing reality, can not let him find Yang Xu, Gao Lin and Hao Haidong once. Will score at any time? Maybe, but Fossati’s team has kept it for 90 minutes. Moreover, Uruguay people are not convinced of the game after the game, he stressed that the team four players face suspension, including 3 important defensive player. Through such a tough game, after the game was released many fossati, abandoned the game before the cold and strong, he in a leisurely manner in the post match press conference, published a 6 minute confession. Before the opening, he took off his glasses and wiped the sweat, and then finishing it has white hair curly hair. "Maybe it’s useless for some people, but for me, it’s just as important. Don’t forget, we didn’t get the first three or even one. For the 0 to 0, I can’t talk about how happy, after all, once we encounter difficulties, even rarely get the ball in the world cup, this also is very crucial, it is very important." In the end 21 minutes before the conference, Fossati also did not forget to counter a reporter Qatar: "now China team only less than us two, even they still have a chance to qualify, why can’t we have?" Uruguay people.相关的主题文章: