Lin, the hero Huang Yilin will save money donated to the poor students and the public channel

Lin, the hero Huang Yilin will save money donated to needy students – public channel forum site and Huang Yilin rescued the little girl in September 8th – "I want to donate the prize money out, hoping to use it to help more people!" on September 6th, the second day of the new semester, Central South University of Forestry and Technology held Huang Yilin save lives drowning child deeds forum will, and prizes for heroes. Huang Yilin after receiving the bonus, immediately said the money will be donated to the school’s "Lei Feng supermarket" to help poor students. In August 8th this year, Huang Yilin and his family to use the summer vacation to Sichuan, Langzhong tourism. Play the way, suddenly heard a group of people near the riverbank shout, approached a look, a man and a woman, two children are struggling in the Jialing river. Seeing the little boy slowly disappeared, the little girl also kept sinking, as a child learning to swim, Huang Yilin did not hesitate to jump into the turbulent waters. Huang Yilin was accustomed to swimming pool environment, only after the discovery of deep water and deep water. She try to swim to confound the little girl next to the fastest speed, while appease her "don’t be nervous, while holding the little girl’s hand to swim. To the shore, the slope is particularly slippery, Huang Yilin tried to push the little girl to the shore, he almost sank. In the end, with the help of visitors, two people were successfully ashore. The little girl hugged Huang Yilin and cried, "my brother is still in the water." But looking back on the river, the little boy had disappeared. It is understood that the parents of the girl was rescued to do business in Langzhong. In the morning, the little girl in the river to play with his cousin, cousin accidentally fell into the water, the little girl wanted to go to him, the results also fell into the water. At the forum, Huang Yilin said that if you can still see the little boy, she will continue to jump to save. Because her conscience told her: be sure to save. According to reports, in August 24th, Huang Yilin and her daughter repeatedly refused the case, is to save the little girl family insisted on her trip to thank the life-saving grace. "I’m glad to see their family reunion. Huang Yilin said, "I’m not a hero, just like everyone else. I just did what I should do. As a contemporary college students, should take the side of things, we should promote social positive energy, rather than drift! The future encountered such a thing, I will not hesitate to jump." Lin, party secretary Hu Changqing presented Huang Yilin with a bonus of 2000 yuan, and called on everyone to learn the spirit of self sacrifice, Huang Yilin courageous ability and good young character. He believes that the Samaritan may only be a moment, but the spirit takes a lifetime to repair and the good tradition of enlightenment. The school will further strengthen the socialist values of teachers and students and the influence of the traditional Chinese virtues, for the community to cultivate more noble and noble talents. Source: Hunan Education News Network相关的主题文章: