Latest Version Of WordPress Addresses Security Vulnerabilities-pgd-426

Security Web applications and platforms are susceptible to security flaws, which may be exploited by for unauthorized purposes. Recently, developers at WordPress released a new version 3.05 of the platform. The latest version addresses several security vulnerabilities in the WordPress platform and offers better protection from security threats in .parison to the previous versions. WordPress is a popular open source online publishing and blogging platform. The platform is powered by PHP and MySQL, and is used by a large number of websites. Information security professionals at WordPress have fixed two security flaws, which allow contributors and authors to gain unauthorized access to privileged content. Privilege escalation may lead to unauthorized use, alteration, modification and deletion of content. The new version also fixes an information disclosure vulnerability, which allows users and contributors to access contents of drafts and private posts, which are yet to be submitted by other users. Access to such content may lead to misuse and unauthorized disclosure of information. The new version also provides a security enhancement to plugins, which were not fully realizing the security Application Programming Interface (API) of the WordPress platform. The fix limits the risks posed by malicious and improperly coded plug-ins. Version 3.05 also provides a better fix for a critical flaw discovered earlier. The critical flaw was associated with KSES library. Attackers could exploit the vulnerability to gain .plete access to the online blogging platform as well as the underlying server of the platform. Online blogging platforms provide numerous advantages to the service providers as well as the contributors. However, information security, confidentiality and integrity are crucial for continued usage of such platforms. Attackers may breach into a vulnerable platform and gain access to privileged databases associated with the platform. Therefore, application developers must regularly test the strength of the platforms through ethical hacking and enhance the security features, before their exploitation by attackers. .anizations must upgrade to version 3.05 to avoid data and security breaches. Adherence to security advisories, timely application of patches and version upgrades is crucial to strengthen the defenses against security threats. WordPress has also issued the release candidate 4 for the next major version release. The release candidate, 4 for version 3.1 has been issued to check for security bugs, before the final release. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: