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Fashion-Style Kurtas for men have survived the ever changing fashion trends in India. Fashion trends are influencing people across the globe and India remains no exception. However, India being a culturally rich country has its own dress code for men, which includes kurta pajama, Kurta dhotis, etc. as the basic attire. With passage of time and strong influence of western culture on India masses, western outfits became more popular with majority of population preferring them over traditional Indian attire. However, as mentioned, kurtas survived this transitional phase and are now slowly gaining their lost glory back. Today, an elegant kurta may be one of the most preferred attire for an Indian man especially during festivals and celebrations. Kurtas for men can be best described as shirts or tops which are much longer than the usual shirts. Available either as full length or short length, the kurtas gels well even with western outfits like denim jeans. Traditional kurtas or full length kurtas can be till the ankles or knees whereas short length kurtas usually measure till the waist. Kurtas can be further classified as formal or informal depending upon the styling. This traditional outfit, thus, has enormous versatility with regards to style, the common ones being the regular style, pathani kurta, kurta and churidar pajama. Kurtas for men are traditional ethnic outfits ideal to wear especially during Indian religious and social ceremonies. While women stick with sarees as the ideal traditional wear, men prefer kurta either with pajama or dhoti. Thus during these special occasions, the kurta as attire is most preferred and a winner hands down. Another important accessory which perfectly complements this combination of a dhoti-kurta or kurta-pajama is a matching stole which renders a regal look. Thus with the Kurta, men not only manage to look good but also traditional. Kurtas are also largely preferred by grooms during their weddings. These include the embroidered kurta set designed exclusively for marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions. Kurtas for men can either be purchased online or by visiting the showrooms personally though former is a much convenient and promising option. Many designers also have their own mens kurta collections. When purchasing online one not only has the liberty to choose from different patterns available but also from the premium fashion brands. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: