Korean media the park Geun hye make important decision or announced to step down cashmere mafia

Korean media: the park Geun hye make "important decision" or announced to step down the original title: Solutions of bureau of | Park Geun hye next besieged on all sides decide on what path to follow? Since the October 24th "political cronies detonated door" incident, the South Korean society against Park Geun hye government action escalated, the participants gradually expanded to all sectors of society. 12 is the largest since the outbreak of the 2000 rally. 13, 2009, South Korean prosecutors also said it would Park Geun hye face to face investigation. Some analysts believe that, in the opinion of forced, park or the government will make a major decision as soon as possible, in order to stabilize the political situation. Millions of people polled rally called on the 12 day, Seoul downtown Gwanghwamun square was crowded with the rally, asked to step down from the voice of Park Geun hye afternoon until late at night. Although the police estimated the participation of the public is about 260 thousand people, but according to the relevant statistical data of Seoul city traffic department, as many as millions of people on the day of the rally, and the participants including the age, gender, region, religion and people, a very broad representation. "Beijing News" editorial said, millions of people are candlelight vigil, park Geun hye down "command". The evening of November 12th, people in Seoul, South Korea to participate in the rally. (Xinhua Reuters) on the 13 day, the opposition camp also launched a new round of Park government offensive. The largest opposition Democratic Party together once again urged the park as soon as possible to step down. The second largest opposition party national party and the third largest opposition Justice Party, said that if we do not take the initiative to declare the park "back seat", will be launched on her impeachment. In the face of raging public opinion, 13, held a press conference on Chong Wa Dae, said Pu Jinhui, President of the current situation is grim, will take the responsibility, and strive to restore the normal operation of the state. Chong Wa Dae sources also revealed that all kinds of rehabilitation programs are being discussed. But clearly, only a word or two could not make people and public satisfaction. The investigation is directed at the president himself more headache for Pu Jinhui, with the South Korean prosecutors intervention door event investigation of cronies deeply, more and more evidence pointing to the suspect herself. According to South Korean media reports, South Korean prosecutors responsible for the investigation of "political cronies" incident special investigation department said that from 12 onwards, a number of large enterprises have been summoned in July last year, and a separate interview the person in charge of the park, including Samsung and Hyundai and other major Korean chaebol. Prosecutors said, will be 15 or 16 to park Geun hye face to face survey. In November 4th, the Chong Wa Dae in the presidential palace is located in the Seoul of Korea, South Korean President Park Geun hye published national speech. Xinhua News Agency (the presidential palace is Chong Wa Dae) this will be the history of the South Korean President for the first time to accept the prosecution investigation. Despite the South Korean law, the president has the privilege of not being subject to criminal charges during his tenure, but park Geun hye said in a second speech to the nation, is willing to accept the prosecution investigation. South Korean media analysts said the content of Pu Jinhui’s investigation will include the existence of abuse of power, personnel fraud, leaking state secrets, etc.. If confirmed, although the possibility of prosecution is small, but it is bound to winter相关的主题文章: