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Jin S9 released with double perturbation and soft timer, join the security function of Sohu the Sohu Digital Technology Park Jin Luo November 15th news, held today online conference, launched a new machine S9, and announced the endorsement by Shawn Yue. Jin S series is aimed at the young fashion crowd, so from the design to the business, more "color value", and joined the security function for the. S9 price 2499 yuan. Jin S9 for the appearance of sleek streamline popular, Aluminum Alloy body, in addition to the black and gold and rose gold, also create a bright black color. The main configuration of dual rear camera Jin S9, using a 13 million pixel camera +500 megapixel virtual camera program. Front 13 million pixel camera, and add a soft light, and developed a new algorithm of beauty. Jin S9 equipped with security, payment security, communication security and data security and a series of security features, support the "private space" and "locked". Other configuration: Jin S9 equipped with eight core processor, with 4GB memory operation, built-in 64GB storage fuselage, the largest expansion of 128GBTF card. Built in 3000mAh battery, support full netcom. The system, based on Android Jin S9 6 amigo OS 3.5.0, with the avatar and split screen operation.相关的主题文章: