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Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital: "Motherhood" big coffee planting teach you how to make food Sohu upgrade when the mother infant, heavy responsibility, identity and mind are not the same as before, "the baby is just starting to eat, what to eat him?" "our children will not love to eat, see other children eat so sweet envy!" there are more or less distressed many mothers feed their children become a problem! Mom, how the science of feeding the baby, what time to add baby foods, their mother has become the concern of the. Infancy and childhood characterized by sustained and gradual changes associated with growth and development. These potential changes depend absolutely on the energy and nutrition that is abundant and ultimately derived from the diet. The baby is healthy to eat from the beginning, so how to eat, how to eat, there are many confused mothers this week, five healthy pregnant school dean Li Chunheng teacher will be in "Motherhood" and broadcast big coffee talk children feeding and complementary feeding, feeding what principle, what time of feeding is appropriate, what are the methods of food supplement. I believe moms have on these issues is full of expectations, to find a correct and healthy feeding method in hope, let us meet this Friday "Motherhood" big coffee planting, here is the answer you want!相关的主题文章: