Jiangxi Taihe bridge demolition waste collapse 8 people drowning 5 people were rescued exit safe mode

Jiangxi Taihe bridge demolition waste collapsed 5 people were rescued 8 people into the original title: Jiangxi Taihe bridge demolition waste when collapsed at 9:17 yesterday morning, Jiangxi Province Taihe Ganjiang highway bridge bridge in the closed arch collapse occurred on the demolition of the construction process, the 8 on-site construction personnel involved. As of now, there are 5 construction workers were successfully rescued and sent to hospital for treatment, there are still 3 people lost contact. Cause of the accident is under further investigation. The old bridge collapse accident occurred at 9:17 in the moment yesterday morning. The video shows the moment all bridge collapse into the water, splashing a few meters of the spray. Ouyang, who lives about 100 meters away from the bridge, yesterday morning, more than 9 points, he heard the direction of the bridge, bang a loud noise, went out to see the bridge collapsed. After the bridge to see the full collapse, the middle part of the water in the water, a construction truck half submerged in the water, there is a bridge on the ruins of off-road vehicles. Ouyang several people going to rescue, but under the bridge water depths of more than 10 meters, can only wait for rescue personnel. A few minutes later, firefighters arrived, and soon rescued two workers. Listen to the workers said that when there are two excavators in the middle of the bridge construction, have fallen into the water." 11 at noon, the reporter on the scene saw the bridge collapsed 700 meters, an excavator has sunk to the bottom, a truck floating in the water, in the main bridge and the approach with a cross-country car. On the river, part of the collapse of the bridge body is clearly visible. Many rescue boats along the pier one by one with life detector to search and rescue. On the new vehicles and personnel access to normal. It is understood that the collapse of the bridge was built in 1988. One of the villagers, this old bridge has been around in 2005 conducted a repair, one or two months ago have a car, but the height and weight limit; the bridge officially opened, the old bridge to stop traffic. 81 year old Chen Huanrong Jiangxi Taihe County, often walking over the bridge to the county another head. I heard the old bridge collapsed after the accident, Chen Huanrong also rushed to the scene. Standing on the bridge and bridge, the bridge collapsed down to he says: "I have seen the connection of steel building collapse will generally be" ouduansilian ", following the collapse of the cement blocks are broken." The time of the incident, the construction side is in the closed arch on dismantling old building. Reporters noted that the old bridge and the bridge distance is very close, when the road bridge carts through, you can feel the old bridge shaking. 5 people were rescued two people injured in Taihe County Hospital of TCM, 29 year old Hu Qihua lying in bed, slightly tired. "Was driving an excavator operation in the bridge, suddenly fell out, woke up lying here." Hu Qihua recalled the situation in the morning with a faint voice. There are two other workers in his ward, Chen Debo and Xu Liling. Taihe County hospital assistant dean Xiao Feng said, the 3 injured in stable condition, has been out of danger. In five inpatient wards, 27 year old Dan Yongkun more serious injury, the hospital diagnosis of hemorrhagic shock, C2 anterior angle fracture of the left distal tibial shaft comminuted fractures, multiple rib left prop相关的主题文章: