Jewelry Designers Seeing Blue-jiuyaogan

Fashion-Style JCK, Jewelers Circular Keystone, a jewelry industry publication, recently published a trend-watch article that reminds jewelry designers that not only are fashion trends a great source of ideas, but that many clients see jewelry as wardrobe accessories, and not the other way around. JCK reviewed a number of publications, including Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar and InStyle magazine and declared that this is a deep blue season with blues of various shades playing a major role in this seasons wardrobes. For jewelry designers who use gemstones in their work, this means revisiting some timeless favorites, lapis lazuli and blue sapphire, for example. It also means that jewelry designers, including bead and pearl stringers, should take a look at some not so familiar materials. Although the gem quartz chalcedony has been used in jewelry for centuries, it has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity among jewelry designers. Chalcedony is available in a multitude of colors, including blue. It is often cut as a cabochon, but beads are also available. Look for chalcedony with a vibrant usually lightish blue and avoid lower quality chalcedony which shows grey. Iolite is sometimes called water sapphire, a misnomer. It is a rich purple blue, named from the Greek ios meaning violet. Leif Eriksson, the legendary Viking explorer, was said to have used thin slices of iolite as polarizing filters that helped him navigate safely to the new world and back. Iolite has extreme pleochrosim which means that it shows different colors in different directions. In one direction, it can show violet blue, in another, very light blue, and in still another it can show a honey yellow. A very affordable gemstone, iolite is often overlooked by jewelry designers. Although aquamarine is prized as a stone and is often seen in earrings, rings and pendants, it is also available in beads in a variety of cuts, including cylinders, tubes, and faceted rounds. Aquamarine is a blue-green or blue variety of beryl which also includes emeralds, morganite and helidor. Aquamarine beads can be surprisingly affordable. In thinking about this seasons colors, dont forget pearls. Pearls harmonized beautifully with blue wardrobes and also with blue gemstones. As jewelry designers, we sometimes tend to design for ourselves. The JCK article is an excellent reminder that fashion trends can be a great source of ideas and just as important that many clients regard jewelry as accessories for their wardrobes and not as objects to build a wardrobe around. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: