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It meets the sky leisurely, dreaming of Yi – sages Bianjing kaifengfu tourism Sohu mentioned, I believe many of my friends and Yu fan, the first thought that "BaoQingTian, opening a BaoQingTian, just and stern resolution loyal……" Everyone should be able to sing a few words. Over the years, after the spread of television drama, literary works, now people mention kaifengfu is often equated with direct baoqingtian. Including Chongqing sail here will introduce kaifengfu scenic spots inside the set, many also take Bao Zheng as the center and the dragon shaped, Zha tiger, what’s been such movie there, can see, even the area where many live performance is also led by Bao Qingtian BaoQingTian, visible in the hearts of the people the influence of the. However, the vast open opening history, this was built in the early five generation after the ancient mansion, which has a history of one thousand years. In the past dynasties, especially in the scale of the Northern Song Dynasty kaifengfu the most ambitious, the world capital of eminence. In the Northern Song Dynasty, the per capita GDP reached the present value of US $more than and 500, and the per capita GDP of Kaifeng was more than $more than 2 thousand. If a single count of Bianjing City, the per capita GDP of $four thousand or five thousand, that is how the rich! No wonder the Northern Song Chai Zongqing will issue a "sea view was difficult for water to remove it is always this village" exclaimed, then added more than a million residents Bianjing garrison, is the largest and most prosperous city on earth, no one, only one! At that time, such as Bao Zheng opened just a prefect four products are officials, whose function is all the government, the capital charge of civil affairs, judicial, catching thieves, taxes and government in the capital account, what is not only because of its high official, Bao Zheng, just and stern justice and honest style, dovetails with people looking forward to the official image, so a generation of officers and the opening of the iconic figure. In fact, in addition to Bao Zheng, Song Taizong, Zhao Guangyi, Kou Zhun, Fan Zhongyan, Ou Yangxiu, Cai Xiang and other celebrities liufangqiangu did the kaifengfu prefect, Su Dongpo also did push officer kaifengfu (equivalent to the current president of the court), their popularity was not under Bao Zheng. In 1126, Jinbing scored it destroyed the city, took the two emperors, and countless skilled craftsmen, artistic talent. 100 years later, the Mongols defeated kinbyo, almost the Kaifeng massacre! Since then, Kaifeng has been ravaged by war and floods. The Yellow River City Ming Li Zicheng dug irrigation. Kaifeng City water depth of several meters, such as floating fish everywhere, other species, only open house roof. After the flood, 370 thousand people left only less than 30% of the remaining 30 thousand were drowned and fled. In the city of the Yellow River in Qing Dynasty around the breach of 78 times, 3 times water flooded and besieged it, Kaifeng city wall, blockage of the city under the Jialu River, now, were up 6 cities, "the Water Margin" in "Yang Zhi sell knife" Zhouqiao, was buried in the seven or eight meters deep underground opening. The city can be flooded, houses can be buried, but it has glorious history will never disappear, in 2001, opened the municipal government in the dawn of the new millennium, according to the Northern Song Dynasty Li Jie "create a French" reconstruction of the city government, the layout of regular, dignified and elegant, tall roof, fine painting, all embodied in the song dynasty.相关的主题文章: