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Keywords: inventory of Beijing Paralympic Games – Sports – original title: inventory of Paralympic Games Paralympic Games Paralympic Games slogan: Keywords Xinhua Rio De Janeiro September 7th sports news (reporter Shi Chundong) in 1960, Rome held the first session of the Paralympic Games, 24 years after the International Olympic Committee formally approved its title, and after 4 years, International Olympic Committee provisions of Summer Olympic Games and Paralympics must be held in the same city. Since the 1988 games share the same theme and the Paralympic Games, from Seoul (Seoul) to Rio, 8 Paralympic slogan of the picture are slowly opened, it is the glory of human nature also has high light, shadow explosion scandal, but the Paralympic Games slogan of the light of humanity is always light. Share one’s original intention: "harmony" and "progress" and "friends forever", the Paralympic Games is not a part of the Olympic Games, until after the Second World War began in the physical rehabilitation of the disabled sports gradually evolved into competitive sports for the disabled, and later was accepted into the Olympic movement. On 1988, International Olympic Committee announced that the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games held not only in the same city, will also share the same theme. 1988 Seoul (Seoul) Paralympic Games theme slogan: "harmony, progress". The Paralympic Games sports performance also greatly enhance the guidance in its slogan, the emergence of many versatile multi Golden King, American swimmer Zorn is one of only 12 gold medals. 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona. Its slogan is "forever friend". Among them, "unite" Olympic family is one of the biggest goals of the Olympic movement. The Paralympic Games have also become a bridge to bridge the global disability. "The celebration of the century": behind the explosion and a cloud of scandal in 1996, coincides with the hundred years of the modern Olympic games. The United States before the defeat of the Olympic Games to return home to Greece, the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games host country. Atlanta occasion to put forward "the celebration of the century" slogan is to a proper extent. However, subsequent events in the Olympic Park bombing that killed 1 people, injured more than and 110, make the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games were then covered with a layer of shadow. In 2000, Sydney put forward the slogan of "sharing the Olympic spirit". But this Paralympic Games but broke the two scandal – the history of the Paralympic Games, the most serious doping events and the event of camouflage mentally retarded. Finally, the International Paralympic Committee of 11 disabled athletes were banned for 4 years of punishment, the Spanish basketball team’s gold medal for mentally disabled people have been canceled, the International Paralympic Committee also suspended the international disabled person Sports Federation membership. Although the scandals, but at the opening ceremony, in the "inspired by the idea of sharing", South Korea and the North Korean delegation together under one banner with admission, and the Australian government is also under pressure from all sides, finally recognized Aboriginal identity, and even allow representatives to become the first torchbearer in the relay, these have become the shining point of humanities this event. The brilliance of humanity: "welcome home", "one world, one dream" in 2004, third times in a row相关的主题文章: