Intellectual Information Management And Knowledge Management-verbal jint

Software There is so much information that is transmitted within a .pany on a daily basis that there needs to be some type of system in place to manage all this information. Knowledge management also deals with the intellectual information that is found from a multitude of resources both on the Internet, using the virtual library, and in paper form, such as white papers. This knowledge base is important for .panies so that they maintain a .petitive edge over the .petition. Once this knowledge has been collected it doesnt just sit there waiting for random usage, its shared and distributed throughout the .pany so that is useful to employees. Many times employees will ignore a piece of data by thinking that is has nothing to do their department or their job. This is where its vital that a .pany analyze the knowledge that is incorporated into its folds though a system of knowledge management. Once this knowledge has been analyzed it is available for use by anyone with .pany access. Knowledge is also available to a .pany in the form of news articles, journals, relevant publications, and documentation. Many times this knowledge is crucial in the successful running of the .pany. Without many types of knowledge such as statistics, reports, white papers, and specific industry information many .panies would lose out on a serious advantage that can push them over the top when it .es to their .petition. Knowledge management is a great tool that any .pany can implement and that will increase their success and profit potential. There are many knowledge management tools that are available for .panies to use. Knowledge management software will help a .pany to organize and collate the information that is relevant to the interests of the .pany. Once all this information is stored in one database it a great tool for all employees to use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: