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SEO SEO or Search Engine Optimization and web designing services are intrinsically related to one another. The development process are obviously different in both cases as different methods, analytics and analysis are followed, but it is undeniable that both SEO strategies and SEO friendly web design services contribute to the enhanced visibility of a website by enabling it to attain a better online presence. Before introspecting into the relation of SEO and web design and development, let us have an idea on how search engines work. When a search query is entered in the search engines search box, there are number of results that appear. However, the online users do no not usually go beyond the first page for satiating their requirements. So, it is the aim of every online business owner to make their business website appear in the first page of the search engines result page. All search engines use set of rules (algorithms) that process tons of information in quick span of time and filter it on the basis of the keyword or key phrase. Then, these filtered data are collected by search engines robots which virtually visit each website to collect keywords and code from them. Here is a secret! Search engines obviously take the web content into account while crawling, but it composes only 20% of the whole process. Rather, search engines crawling take the programme codes and the designs into account. Thus, SEO friendly web development service is necessary for making a website search engine friendly. The programme codes that are used to develop the webpages, the relevant incoming links, and keywords usage are some of the most important factors which make the search engine crawlers to index the web pages. Title Tag Optimization, Meta Descriptions and HTML source codes also play a dominant role in making the website crawlable. Hence SEO friendly web development service is essential in order to improve the websites organic rank. A professional SEO web designer not only makes sure that the website is visually appealing, but also sees to it that it is accessible to the search engines spiders, so that it can be indexed by search engines. The website design should be such that there are proper navigation tools and must complement the service that the enterprises render. Putting in informative content is another vital point of SEO friendly web design and development service. The SEO friendly web design and development companies emphasize on usage of proper heading tags, italic texts, bold text and lists. Normally, HTML codes of webpages have heading tags, italic tags and other lists and it is recommended to use them while developing a website. By using CSS, these tags can be styled in different ways. Using heading tags for headings and bold tags for important texts help the search engines to understand which text on the page is heading and which text is an important one. There are many companies that offer SEO friendly web development as well as designing services. A professional SEO web development company seeks to increase website functionality and enhance its visibility by developing sites that are search engine friendly. The most common SEO friendly web design and development services include logo graphic designing, user friendly interface designing services and lots more. The ultimate aim of the SEO friendly web design and development services is to identify the end requirement of your business and achieve marketing goals, whereby, your site will experience increased traffic and better sales leads. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: