Indications And Advantages Of Cervical Artificial Disk

It is when an intervertebral disc has been surgically removed to the spinal cord or nerve root that cervical artificial disk replacement may be considered. Here, a device is inserted between two cervical vertebrae in a bid to preserve motion at the disc space. Cervical artificial disk replacement is usually used as an alternative to bone grafts, plates and screws that are usually used after a disc removal. However these surgical options usually eliminate motion at the operated neck disc space. Sometimes, cervical artificial disc replacement is performed on patients suffering from cervical disc herniations that dont respond to non-surgical treatment options, and whose quality of life and ability to function are hampered. Indications for cervical artificial disc replacement Cervical artificial disc replacement is usually indicated in people suffering from symptomatic cervical disc that causes arm pain or weakness, or numbness and neck pain. These symptoms usually arise because of herniated discs and osteophytes that .press the adjacent nerves of the spinal cord. All this usually occurs at cervical spine levels C4, C5-6 or C6-7. For any candidate to be admitted into a clinical trial for cervical artificial disc replacement, he or she should meet certain strictly defined criteria. These include: 1.Trying some non-operative treatment for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. This usually consists of anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapies for relief from cervical pain. 2.They should not have undergone any prior neck surgery. 3.The candidate should lastly, be considered a good surgical candidate for cervical artificial disc replacement. Advantages of artificial disc replacement The greatest advantage of undergoing cervical artificial disk replacement is that it reduces the biomechanical stress on adjacent discs. It also entails faster recovery wherein you can quickly return to normal activities. 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