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In those years, laser beauty — Liaoning channel — original title: in those years, we misunderstood each notes laser beauty reporter of our misunderstanding of women want to do "freeze age beauty", the star is no exception. According to anecdotal, laser beauty seems to be the most favored — Gwyneth?, Tero not only specially flew to New York for British American skincare expert Tracie Martyn facial muscles, including electronic stimulation, microdermabrasion, flew to Losangeles to the beauty salon for Apple stem cell beauty; Jennifer? Aniston has admitted that he often do laser resurfacing surgery every time, after finishing face will experience a similar "burn" recovery process; in order to kill Hannah after bud? The first wrinkle in the cradle, specially set up a beauty team 24 hours a day, including laser firming and other projects…… So, in addition to a born beauty, know how to use the advanced medical beauty technology, to preserve their appearance, star obviously go earlier and more professional. However, some of the misunderstanding of laser beauty, and even the stars will commit, ordinary people how to break? This reporter invited two experts in cosmetic laser three errors, one by one depth decryption. The Korean Society of cosmetic surgery expert Jin Nanxun, a life member of South Korean Plastic Surgery Society on aging resistant skin disease research members, member Gong Shufang International Medical Beauty Association China Institute invited experts, Guangzhou modern hospital plastic beauty center, executive director of the myth: "a lifelong treatment, change?" Most experts on laser needs multiple treatment. Many institutions slogan that everyone will mistakenly think that laser skin can once and for all. In fact, it depends on what you do treatment and personal skin conditions." The Korea Institute of plastic surgery, plastic surgery society life member of Korea anti aging research will member expert Jin Nanxun said, most of the laser is many times in the treatment, including black, red, go to scar, hair removal and skin rejuvenation, "generally speaking, a course is 3~4 times, a part of the population after a course of treatment, may need second, or even third courses, depending on the individual specific circumstances." Expert TIPS skin aging is a natural process of human growth, laser beauty can solve the skin problem, for the United States to bring the United States to change but can not make people completely stop aging. We need to solve different skin problems at different times, but not a one-time to eliminate all problems. At the same time, skin disease research, member of International Medical Beauty Association China Medical Academy invited experts, Guangzhou modern hospital plastic beauty center executive director Gong Shufang said, "the recovery is a slow process, the treatment is a slow process, and we have to consider, if a laser is too deep that will not produce adverse reactions of scar and pigment problems." Misunderstanding two: "as long as the laser can be a laser instrument, you can solve all the problems?" Experts on the different effects of different wavelengths. Many beauty agencies to promote one)相关的主题文章: