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In an interview with the timex Group CEO Paolo Marai – luxury sector of Sohu in November 4th, Italy luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo Salvatore held new Cuore Ferragamo series appreciation activities in Beijing SKP stores, Sohu are interviews with brand partners, the United States Department of the Swiss luxury day group president and chief executive officer of Paolo Marai, introduced the new Cuore Ferragamo highlights well, the future development strategy of the brand. Salvatore Ferragamo partners — the Swiss luxury department of Timex group president and chief executive officer of Paolo Marai and the new generation of popular small artistes Ms. Di Ali Gerba photo Sohu fashion: the newly released Cuore Ferragamo watch which highlights? Paolo Marai:Cuore Ferragamo watch with the one and only Ferragamo brand design elements in appearance, such as decorative pattern Gancino dial, three point Salvatore Ferragmo brand name, more important is that we also pay attention to the brand spirit of innovation, like today is the Cuore Ferragamo watch uses an innovative patented quartz movement. Salvatore Cuore series for us has milepost type of memorial significance. Cuore Ferragamo series 39 mm diameter, IP gold, stainless steel dial with red enamel or heart-shaped ornament design chic. The interior is equipped with innovative patented Swiss quartz movement (Soprod 913.04), press on the crown shaped device, open 2 points per second button to open, like eyebrows like throbbing, Art beats nature. people as the acme of perfection. Sohu are: consumer positioning watch is how Ferragamo? Paolo Marai: the brand Chinese consumer awareness Ferragamo has about 20 years of time, we want to let them feel in addition to footwear and leather goods brand, but also provide different category selection, while the watch is a very good interpretation, so consumers watch on the first of these Ferragamo brand positioning the loyal consumers, we also hope to present accurate function and quality experience for them. On the other hand, the vast majority of traditional watches brand design is more similar, the color is relatively simple, such as gray, silver, black, etc., some consumers want to show their personality through differentiation. Ferragamo watches launched every year, especially the red blue color, and into the DNA and Icon brands Ferragamo design (such as: Gancino mark), design and quality assurance of the quality of the one and only will make consumers feel surprise, let them realize that this is not just a fashion statement. Sohu are: the current international watch market overall in decline, timex group.相关的主题文章: