Ibm Data Privacy

.puters-and-Technology All organizations are required, under law, to protect the privacy of their data by ensuring they have proper procedures and systems in place to protect their information. .panies have to follow strict regulations on how to collect, store and utilize customers information. IBMs Optim family of data management solutions help organizations protect their sensitive data on the cloud systems and big data systems by data masking the information across development and software testing environment. First, we start by evaluating the location of the sensitive data and select the policies for securing and protecting the information. By masking data on demand in heterogeneous environments like databases, development and non-production environments, as well as in applications or reports supports decision making in real time. Thus ensuring all information is protected on a daily basis by implementing policies that allow only authorized businesses to have access to sensitive information to check for security breaches and validate .pliances. IBM Optim Data Privacy Solution will help in masking sensitive data in a clients development or testing environment to secure confidential information of customers or employees, and ensuring .pliance with privacy based regulations. Data masking helps developers and Quality Assurance engineers to use realistic test parameters to generate valid results. In case of loss or theft of data, data masking ensures that the information is rendered useless to anyone who is able to access it illegally. We can demonstrate that by masking various fields across several hundred database tables, a quick implementation of custom application can be deployed. We achieved our objective to reduce the 5-day effort to create privatized test system to one-day process, by implementing Optim Test Data Management and Optim Data Privacy Solutions. We have a strong product engineering relationship with the IBM Optim Product Development team. We are involved in development and testing of all the new functionalities. Our offerings include helping with implementation and upgrades, enhancements of applications, providing training and support of applications, and developing custom reports and analytics. Our dedicated Center of Excellence for Optim implementation solution and support include proofs of concept and pilot implementations will provide all the assist you need post-implementation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: