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Trucks I-80 equipment Company is a refurbished truck provider for different businesses and utilities. They have different trucks for forestry, communications, digging and a lot more. What is different from this company is that they make sure that they give out only the best. When they refurbish their trucks they make sure the all of their standards are meeting the federal inspections to make sure of excellent performance. This makes their refurbished trucks almost good as new. Here are the steps that I-80 uses to show their customers how precision is their aim with their trucks and all of its products. First process they do is to disassemble the crane or digger derrick. This makes sure that they have everything starting from scratch and they build through that. Secondly, I-80 performs degreasing which is a very crucial step in refurbishing a crane. Once this is done they power wash the truck to clean out the loose grease. The next step is the inspection o f the body. This is where all the fixing starts. They change metals that have problems already and make sure that the dents are flattened out. The body will be then sanded down before it gets into the painting process. They make sure the body is sturdy and set before painted. Next in line will be the pain job. I-80 makes sure that the coats of their trucks are perfect. They place in the primer coat then place a two bed liner. This makes sure that the paint will be thick giving supreme protection. What is great is that I-80 provides warranty for each of the bed liner placed. Then after this the truck is assembled replacing all the broken parts and making sure that everything is cleaned for presentation. Lastly, the most crucial step is the fixing of the engine. I-80 makes sure that they meet the 77 point inspection. They keep their standards really high making sure that it passes federal inspection. Once this is done, they send off the vehicle to get certified. So the machine checking is done twice first from the company itself then the federal inspectors to make sure of quality. Once this is done then the truck is complete and is ready to be sold. All of the products of I-80 Equipment Company goes through the same rigorous process. It is not a surprise that they have lasted 17 years in this business because they have credible and affordable products. ..i80equipment.. used digger derricks 相关的主题文章: