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Fashion-Style There are many different types of hair extensions available to be used in any type of hair. Hair extensions can be made out of 100 percent human hair or out of synthetic material made to look like your own hair. Apart from these types you will also find that there are different ways of fitting hair extensions in your hair. Depending on the amount of time you want to have the hair extensions in, there are various different types to choose from, these are fusion extensions, weaving, bonding, clip ins, mini links and tape on. All of them are not permanent but some can last up to several months whereas others can last just a couple of days. Fusion and weaving are two of the most .mon types of hair extensions and they do tend to last longer. Fusion extensions are applied directly to your own hair by sticking it to the roots using an adhesive heating glue gun used for extensions. Weaving is done by sewing the extensions to a corn row at the top of your head and letting the hair fall over the roots naturally. Bonding and clip ins are a very easy way to give yourself hair extensions and they last as long as you want them to. The bonding extensions are applied to your hair by gluing them to a weft and then stuck to the root of your hair. Clip ons are extremely simple to use and can be used over and over again, all you have to do is clip them to the roots of your hair and unclip them when you have finished. Mini link extensions are a very good way of putting in hair extensions because they do not require you to use any types of glue, heat, no removers and they do no damage whatsoever to your hair. It is a simple method that consists of pulling your own hair through a small instrument that looks a lot like a crochet hook and then the pre tipped hair is pulled through and pushed down tightly together. To remove them all you have to do is open the link using pinchers. Tape on extensions or seamless extensions are the newest way of putting in extensions and there are many people using them nowadays. It has to be the easiest process for putting in your extensions as all you have to do is remove the cover of the double sided tape and stick them to the roots of your hair. These do not last very long, maybe for three to five days, but they can be reused if you change the tape. Whichever extension you want to use it is always a good idea to dye them the same color as your own hair. This can be done by dipping the extensions in geisha dye or if you dye your own hair, leave some of the dye over to use on the extensions before putting them in your hair. About the Author: By: Mark Well – When someone is going to a party wearing a fabulous cloth with astylish look, the entire fashion will .plete only after wearing an attractive shoe. 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