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Sales In this article, i will be telling ways by which you can start making your own website in matter of hours. The website is .paratively easy to make and will not take much time. What you will have to do is, to start researching free web templates. Many websites are offering free web templates. Download a free website template: When you have downloaded the free website template, check the images and the code. Remember you need some knowledge of HTML and CSS so that you can alter the theme and customize it according to your own needs. Most of the times free templates do not have much to offer but they give you a skeleton that you can use. Therefore, you should change the colors, pictures, and ad more pages if needed and other things that you feel necessary. Customize it: Website Templates are made for customization, as they are free and any once can download them and use them so its better to customize them so that people do not think that you just copied the whole thing on your server. You can start by changing the pictures, the colors and bit of the layout in this way you will not only have an upper edge on your website but people will think that you made the whole website by your own self. Buy a domain: Now as you have developed your website and customized the whole website, content its time you buy a domain for yourself. There are many services available online that can give you a domain by your online account. Alternatively, you can visit a domain and web hosting provider in your own area. You are done: Good job, as i said earlier, it takes a little amount of time to make a website from template. You are not doing it from scratch so you save a lot of time. Its time to upload your website to a server and enjoy your hard work. In my next article, I will tell you how you can do SEO on your website. SEO on a website can increase the rate of viral traffic to your website and can increase viral in.e if you have ad sense on your website. This article is brought to you by custom logo design maker website that provides website development service to .panies and individuals. You can also buy logo design maker online by using its services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: