How much do you know

How much do you know? In the home decoration, will inevitably encounter a lot of decorative aspects of doubt, today Xiaobian for you to introduce experts in how to choose the door, looking at the vast number of consumers in the decoration pick the door, choose the right door. So how to choose the doors, according to expert analysis of concrete can be divided into the following steps:?? door use: if the family door, bedroom door, door, kitchen door, bathroom door, apartment hotel room door, bathroom door, corridor door, commercial office door etc.. According to the use of different specifications, style, performance have different requirements. Wooden door materials: all high-grade wooden doors are used to show the taste of luxury wood style and the main room of the cultural connotation. The precious wood with walnut, cherry, Sapele, shadow wood, maple, teak and other ten. Generally a suite of rooms using a tree species, to make the approximate color, the formation of tree species inherent style system, no special requirements, do not use a variety of tree species. ?? Door type and process: a board type door, core board, complete Bo door, half Bo door etc.. Plate type door is closed, no perspective light points, mostly for door and bedroom door, the door can be carved concave line and the production line, the body is beautiful, good integrity. In the middle of the door core board is equipped with one or more core board, convex, strong stereoscopic art. All glass doors with glass as the main body of the door, there were only four side door and pier, the rest were glass, with bright light through the characteristics of good, rich strong artistry and appreciation. In addition, the half glass door is above half for glass, half for board type, have proper transparency. Seriously do the above three points, pick a good wooden door is no longer difficult. Experts suggest that, in the choice of wooden doors, do not be gullible dealers to promote the proposal, to the field to watch the touch, careful and careful to do all aspects of assessment.相关的主题文章: