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Location Apps Make It Easy For Thieves Posted By: Robert Siciliano If you AND rsquo;re using the app Strava for example, your bike could get stolen, says a report on the manchestereveningnews site. Strava, like many other location apps, isn AND rsquo;t the badguy here. Bicyclists in Greater Manchester are being warned that Strava AND rsquo;s tracking could lead thieves to their bikes and even homes. That AND rsquo;s because it AND rsquo;s already happened. One man had two bikes stolen after Strava tracked his ride and led the crooks to his garage. It AND rsquo;s easy to see how this happens. The users simply post their location activities, often to and from their homes and they broadcast this data via the apps and social sites. Why do people have this app in the first place? Cyclists and runners want to share route information and compare times, says the article. The application is a social media venue for cyclists and runners. The aforementioned man had made his bike model and home address public on his smartphone without using privacy settings. The brazen thieves broke into his garage, perhaps overnight, and took only the bikes even though there was other loot present such as valuable tools. Hmmm, it can AND rsquo;t be coincidence.

home burglary How To Secure Your Apartment Posted By: Robert Siciliano I love that show, AND ldquo;Forensic Files. AND rdquo; Every so often there AND rsquo;s the case of a person who was found murdered in their apartment due to some forced entry. Which brings me to the topic of apartment security. New Apartment Don AND rsquo;t delay in doing a walk-through of the entire premises, including the laundry room (where a crime can occur after a creep spots a vulnerable-looking woman enter the unlocked room). Take note of any portals through which a burglar could make entry. This includes trees and trellises that lead to a window. Take note of where the lit and dark areas are. Doors and Windows I can AND rsquo;t begin to tell you how many episodes of AND ldquo;Forensic Files AND rdquo; deal with an intruder getting in through an unlocked door or window AND mdash;and this includes during the day when the victim was home. Keep them locked! However, we all know that intruders will use force to break through a locked door or window (though if you AND rsquo;re home, you AND rsquo;ll have time to call 911 and perhaps make an escape through the back of the apartment AND mdash;a plan you should already have in place since Day 1. If you AND rsquo;

home burglary 15 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During The Holiday Season Posted By: Robert Siciliano Most people don AND rsquo;t like that AND ldquo;fall back AND rdquo; time change every November, but you know who does? Burglars. Burglars love to AND ldquo;fall back AND rdquo; because it gives them more time to practice their criminal activities thanks to the earlier veil of darkness. This is also a convenient time for them as the holiday season is upon us and most people have a lot of newly purchased gifts in our homes. Perfect bait for burglars. In general, most homeowners will take precautions around Christmas time to prevent fires due to Christmas lights, yet they do not take extra security measures to prevent home robbery. Though fire prevention is certainly important, your home is far more likely to attract the eyes of a burglar than to go up in flames. So, here are 15 ways that you can keep the burglars away: Keep doors locked at all times. This is true even when you are home, and even when it AND rsquo;s light out. Keep your windows locked, even those on the second floor. Burglars DO have climbing skills. Use door reinforcements and top-flight locks. Keep the curtains and blinds closed.

door locks Home Security App/camera Witnesses Two Burglars Posted By: Robert Siciliano Danny Wheeler was alerted by his smartphone that had a home security app and a do it yourself camera/home security system that his home was being robbed. He was at work and could do nothing but send the real time video to New York City police, reports a story on abcnews.go.com. The burglars got away, however, by the time the place was swarming with police. Such an application and system can allow the user to remotely access all the AND ldquo;goings-on AND rdquo; and in some case set off a loud alarm. Even if you have the most elaborate home security system, having one of these smartphone-alerting systems will add an extra layer of protection, and for sure, result in capture of thieves who are less quick at getting away. These systems should be adjuncts to a full security system, as they don AND rsquo;t have round the clock monitoring and don AND rsquo;t directly contact police. And even though Wheeler AND rsquo;s thieves got away, their images have been retained for possible identification. Wheeler posted the video on social media, reports an article on nydailynews.com.

home burglary Police Offer 18 Burglary Prevention Tips Posted By: Robert Siciliano To help keep your home and property safe from crime, the New Castle County Police Department provides the following guidelines: Sounds like a no-brainer, but so many people do otherwise: Keep your doors locked at all times. People will actually go to sleep with the front door unlocked. Doors should be locked with a deadbolt that has at least a one-inch throw. Keep windows locked. People have been known to leave a window open overnight in their child AND rsquo;s bedroom. Yes, hot weather is here, but there are ways to ventilate rooms without inviting burglars and rapists in. A bad guy could easily, and quietly, remove a screen. Check all your windows; all should have locks. All sliding doors and windows should have a block in the track. The garage door should never be open unless it AND rsquo;s in use. This includes when you AND rsquo;re outdoors doing yardwork AND mdash;it AND rsquo;s not in use while you AND rsquo;re tending the garden or lawn. Check the window A/C units: They should be very difficult to remove. Close curtains and blinds at night. This means when it begins getting dusky. Your house number should be easy to read, ideally large, reflective numbers.

burglary Dc Murders As Horrific As It Gets Posted By: Robert Siciliano The latest report says that Darron Dellon Dennis Wint did not act alone in the arson murder of a Washington, D.C., family and their housekeeper. You might wonder how a $4.5 million mansion AND mdash;presumably with top-flight smoke alarms AND mdash;could burn enough to kill the occupants. A cnn.com report says they were held against their will since the day prior to the May 14 fire. Wint is being held without bond. It AND rsquo;s too soon, however, to draw conclusions, as other people are being interviewed by police. Wint was arrested a week after the bodies of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, and their son Philip were discovered. Housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa died later at a hospital. The victims were discovered bound up and injured from blunt force, continues the cnn.com report. Philip, age 10, was apparently stabbed and tortured. Bernardo Alfaro, the housekeeper AND rsquo;s husband, stated that Veralicia did not return home the night of May 13. (It AND rsquo;s fair to wonder why he didn AND rsquo;t pay a visit to the mansion that night, because next morning he finally did.) Alfaro received a text message from someone claiming to be Savopoulos, telling him that his wife, who couldn AND rsquo;

home burglary How To Burglar Proof Your Doors Posted By: Robert Siciliano Burglars love doors; they frequently gain entry by kicking them down and even using less aggression to get into a house AND mdash;and that includes simply opening the door because it AND rsquo;s not locked. Don AND rsquo;t believe that if a burglar wants to rob you badly enough, he AND rsquo;ll figure out a way to get in. While there is no such thing as 100% secure, in many cases, you CAN prevent a burglary. Since when do burglars enjoy the possibility of being seen messing around with someone AND rsquo;s front door for 20 minutes? Make it hard for them, make your house a tough target and they will move on. Burglar proofing your door begins with making sure you have a decent door to start with, then building up from there. But first, let AND rsquo;s briefly discuss USING the lock that AND rsquo;s there. Often, burglars and home invaders get in by, as already mentioned, simply opening an unlocked door. If the occupant isn AND rsquo;t home, it AND rsquo;s a burglary. If they AND rsquo;re home, it AND rsquo;s a home invasion. If you AND rsquo;re home, even in the middle of the day, have all doors LOCKED.

door locks Myths Facts And Burglary Prevention Posted By: Robert Siciliano Myth: Most burglaries occur at night when nobody can see the intruder. Fact: Most burglaries occur during the day because criminals know that AND rsquo;s the most likely time that people are away at work. Myth: Most burglaries are random and spontaneous. Fact: Most burglaries occur after the thief has AND ldquo;cased AND rdquo; a residence and pre-meditated an intrusion and getaway plan. If a thief has not gotten into your house within four minutes of trying, chances are he AND rsquo;ll abandon further attempts. Using multiple layers of protection from intruders will make entry take well over four minutes. If your neighborhood doesn AND rsquo;t have a AND ldquo;watch AND rdquo; program, get one started. Get to know your neighbors; they AND rsquo;ll be more likely to call the police if they notice someone unfamiliar loitering on your property. Post neighborhood watch signs throughout the area. Secure the exterior of your house. Install lights at all entry points including the garage; it AND rsquo;s best if they can detect motion. Don AND rsquo;t allow shrubs to grow above window sill height. Don AND rsquo;t let tree branches obscure windows. Plant thorny shrubs around windows so burglars can AND rsquo;t hide in them. Lock all gates and fences.

burglary What Kind Of Home Security System Is Right For Me Posted By: Robert Siciliano Burglars don AND rsquo;t usually depend upon the light of the moon to break into homes; they depend on the daylight AND mdash;because that AND rsquo;s when they know most homes are empty! The kids are in school, the adults are at jobs or shopping AND hellip;duhhh, even a halfwit burglar knows this is an opportune time! Therefore, you should get a home security system that AND rsquo;s designed to repel robbers in both the dead of day, not just night. This includes while you AND rsquo;re home. And when you are home, a burglary turns into a AND ldquo;home Invasion AND rdquo; which often turns deadly. You may be sick in bed. You may be home telecommuting. Or maybe you have a weekday off. Maybe you work a night shift and you AND rsquo;re home during the day. Are your kids home by themselves after school? Is Gramps there by himself? Do you travel frequently? Figure it all out and then investigate which home security system fits your lifestyle. A home security system isn AND rsquo;t just the alarm that shrieks when someone tries to break in. It can be a pendant that Gramps wears in case he falls. It could be remote monitoring of your latchkey kids.

home burglary Town Sees Big Spike In Burglaries Posted By: Robert Siciliano Why are so many burglaries hounding the town of Los Altos in California? There were 79 reported in 2013, but 118 for 2014. This past January and February there were 36. At that rate, by Christmas 2015, it AND rsquo;s unthinkable what the total number of burglaries will be. In a report on mercurynews.com, the Los Altos police chief, Tuck Younis, is quoted as saying, AND ldquo;It sickens me, as the one who is responsible to keep the city safe, that AND rsquo;s occurring. It sickens every member of our department that AND rsquo;s occurring, especially at the volume that is occurring in our city. AND rdquo; He spoke this to an assembly of over 200 town residents. Chief Younis added that the number of burglaries is AND ldquo;unprecedented. AND rdquo; In fact, the cities of Sunnyvale and Mountainview AND mdash;neighbors to Los Altos AND mdash;have also been stung. And not just by local thieves, but thieves from all over. Chief Younis speculates that a prison realignment is responsible for the spike in burglaries; convicts are getting released sooner. And these burglars are going after hard-to-trace loot like jewelry and cash, rather than iPhones and video games. And they AND rsquo;

burglar Paralyzed Home Invasion Victim Speaks Posted By: Robert Siciliano If a home invasion doesn AND rsquo;t leave you dead, it might leave you permanently paralyzed, like it did Richard Potorski, who was shot two years ago and can AND rsquo;t move from the chest down. On January 8, 2013, Potorski went to his Maine home for lunch after work. Moments later he saw a gun pointing at him; it went off. He played dead AND mdash;which wasn AND rsquo;t hard to do because his spinal cord had been severed AND mdash;until his wife found him 90 minutes later. Potorski says he doesn AND rsquo;t know the shooter, and even though he has a misdemeanor drug charge on his record, he was not involved with any drug deals with the shooter AND mdash;Ronald Bauer, who received a 30-year prison sentence. It AND rsquo;s a myth that most burglaries occur at night. Gee, night is when most people are home. Most people are gone during the day at work. Burglars know that. What if Potorski had had a security system on that fateful day? This isn AND rsquo;t a blame-the-victim mentality; it AND rsquo;s a very fair question. Imagine Bauer trying to gain entrance and a screaming alarm sounds. He would have fled like a bat out of hell.

home alarms It’s A Security System And More Posted By: Robert Siciliano WARNING: Removing this video surveillance camera to kill evidence of your robbery will do you chickenfeed because the video of you is being stored in the cloud! Today AND rsquo;s security systems are so much more evolved than they were 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. We AND rsquo;ve all heard of the bright light that goes on over the garage when someone steps onto the driveway. That AND rsquo;s so old that some burglars aren AND rsquo;t miffed by this in the least. However AND hellip;such a motion detection system can also trigger video surveillance and notify the police. And there AND rsquo;s so much more that today AND rsquo;s security technology can do: Send an alert to your smartphone that something anomalous has been detected inside your house; you can then view the interior in real time where this detection occurred, even if you AND rsquo;re across the country. Don AND rsquo;t be surprised if in the future, the homeowner could AND mdash;with a single tap of a smartphone key AND mdash;activate a net from the ceiling to deploy and engulf an intruder, holding him till the cops come. I WANT THAT. Even if you live in a virtually crime-free neighborhood and have no valuables AND hellip;

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public relation Why Install A Home Security System? Posted By: Robert Siciliano Question: No. 1 reason people get a home security system? Answer: Recently burglarized; The majority of the people I hear from who want to install a home security system were recently burglarized. It often takes adversity or even tragedy for us to wake up to the realities of a harsh world. Of course, even for people who AND rsquo;ve never been victims of a robbery, prevention of a burglary or home invasion is a top reason people get home security systems. Home burglary is a very common crime. But deterring burglars isn AND rsquo;t the only reason you may want to consider having a home security system installed. Today AND rsquo;s technology means that a home security system can do so much more than blast a piercing alarm if someone breaks into your house or flash lights if someone creeps up your driveway. Remote monitoring; For example, a home security system that AND rsquo;s part of an application for your smartphone can enable you to observe the exterior and interior of your house remotely. You can see what the dog is doing, for example, while you AND rsquo;re away; does he bark nonstop? You can observe your older kid babysitting the younger one;

home alarm Small Town Investigates String Of Burglaries Posted By: Robert Siciliano Home burglaries don AND rsquo;t just happen in the big cities that everyone AND rsquo;s heard of. They can also occur in small towns AND mdash;simply because the burglar lives in them or in neighboring areas. Such is the case with Kirksville, Missouri. A recent report from heartlandconnection.com tells of multiple burglaries. They have elements in common: The thief enters overnight while the occupants are asleep and takes cash. Are the homes AND rsquo; occupants very hard of hearing and can AND rsquo;t hear the window smashing or the door being kicked down? Did they all take a few sleeping pills and were thus in a very heavy sleep and that AND rsquo;s why they didn AND rsquo;t hear the windows smashing or the door being busted through? Or AND hellip;do you suppose that a DOOR or WINDOW WAS UNLOCKED and that AND rsquo;s how the burglar got in? Don AND rsquo;t be a victim! Before going to bed at night, what do you always do without fail? Brush your teeth. Let the dog out for one last AND ldquo;business. AND rdquo; Set the clock alarm. Lay out your clothes for next day. Is something missing here? Yes! LOCK ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS.

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Prestige Westwood Protect Your Home Post Holidays Posted By: Robert Siciliano After Santa has gone back to the North Pole to take a long rest, don AND rsquo;t think for a second that burglars too will be resting in January. True, the holidays are a prime time for many burglaries, knowing that underneath that gargantuan Christmas tree in the picture window is surely a pile of expensive gifts. But people give burglars easy entry to their houses year-round. The prowler will ring the bell. If nobody answers, he tests the door knob. If he does this enough times, this numbers game will pay off, because there AND rsquo;s always some lunkhead who will leave a door unlocked when they AND rsquo;re not home or overnight while they sleep. If the main doors are locked, the thief may still persist and try other portals and may even break a window. For safety year-round but especially post-holiday security, here are tips: Get a home security system. If you already have one, good, but not good enough. Keep all portals locked, even when you AND rsquo;re home. Yes, intruders enter occupied homes AND mdash;these are more likely to be violent sociopaths wanting fast cash for their next drug fix, or rapists. When you AND rsquo;

home burglary 15 Simple Secure Home Holiday Travel Tips Posted By: Robert Siciliano The holidays are here, and burglars are ready for you. Are you ready for them? One of the best ways to deter home robbery is to make the burglar think you AND rsquo;re inside the house. Here AND rsquo;s how to do that: The first thing to do is enforce the burglar AND rsquo;s favorite point of entry: the front door. Though movies usually show intruders bashing through windows (for dramatic effect), the vast majority get in through the front door. The door should be protected with a full-scale deadbolt/lock device, ideally with a built-in alarm AND mdash;which can be controlled remotely.Piper, which is controlled from your iOS or Android mobile device, has a 105db alarm that can be triggered to go off when the door or window has been opened or when motion has been detected. There are AND ldquo;door reinforcement AND rdquo; devices out there that beef up your door jams from kick-ins. Google them and get them! Burglars, of course, do make break-in attempts through windows, including second story, so keep them locked at all times. Make sure the garage is always locked. Unplug garage door openers if you are gone for a while.

home burglary Make Your Home Burglary Safe With Aluminium Screen Doors Posted By: AliceCampbell Burglary can happen anytime but will your home be able to protect you, your family, and your belongings from intruders? The safety of your home lies in the choices you make. Aluminium screen doors have been created specifically to help you make the smart choice and protect your home from intruders and burglars.House break and theft has become quite the norm in Australia and the number of cases reported every year has been spiralling upwards. Would you want your home to be the next place these burglars hit? There is still time! All you need to do is install aluminium screen doors and what more, you can even choose from a range of designs and colours.Why Aluminium Doors are Safe?Are Aluminium doors really safe? Yes! These doors have been customized with eliminator crimp locked aluminium frame to provide an extra level of security. If that is not all, they are available with security fixed pin hinges. These hinges are normally attached to out-swinging exterior doors. The highlight of the security fixed pin hinges is that they hold the door in place with the help of set-screw type of hinge.

Aluminium screen doors Does Automated Submission Software Really Work Posted By: Thalia Arreguin Most burglars would like your possessions, not confrontations. This makes lighting and and also the appearance of your house being occupied an outstanding security measure. Any signs how the home is unoccupied, including newspapers inside yard or mail inside box that is just not picked up daily, could possibly be an invitation for your break-in. At night, a straightforward motion detector connected to outside lighting may be enough to deter some slack-in. For more advanced options, home automation systems can let you open and close drapes or blinds and turn lights don and doff from any location on earth to provide the look off occupancy. One beyond each six homes on average is burglarized annually. So all homeowners have reached an increased risk of this high-paying, low risk enterprise called home burglary. Homeowners within the united states are involved about their homes’ security only because burglary is constantly on the be the most recognized property crime inside country. One beyond each and every six homes is burglarized annually. If that doesn’t give you pause to consider, maybe this could.

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