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We all want high return investments, but what is the best way to achieve substantial long-term capital growth? Lets look at the best investment, combined with the most powerful force in investing, and how they can create a high return investment that grows rapidly. The Secret of High Return Investments Albert Einstein called this: The most powerful force in the universe and investment terms hes right. Compound interest on an investment with low downside volatility is really the secret of getting high return investments to make huge gains over the long term. Which is the Best High Return Investment? When looking at high return investments the best combination is an above average return, linked to low volatility, combined with compound growth. As an investment, UK land has provided better capital growth over time than most hedge funds, mutual funds, investment trusts, equities, or shares, and with a lower downside risk. The overall price of farmland has increased by 30% in the last 12 months, and by 130% since the early 1990s, with an average 920% growth in the last 20 years. The 920% over 20 years is average growth, and many investors have achieved far greater gains by careful plot selection. Why UK Land is Providing Stunning Returns with Low Risk UK land provides above average solid growth for the following reasons: 1. Population Growth – The population of the UK in 1981 was 56.2 million. In 2001, the population had increased by about 2.6 million to 58.8 million inhabitants. 2. Immigration – In terms of immigration, there is the granting of entry to the UK, of over 170,000 people per year. This constitutes over 60% of the annual population growth. Therefore, at current rates of growth the UK can expect to see at least an additional 3.4 million inhabitants within the next 20 years. 3. Social Trends – There is a rising divorce rate in the UK. Furthermore, more people are staying single by choice, and getting married later in life. In the next 17 years, with the rising population and increased lack of affordable housing, the UK will need another 1.5 million homes. Compounding a Small Sum to a Million! We can see already that land has had fantastic growth year on year, and looks set to continue. The average gain was 30%, in 2004 alone. Lets take an example now of compound growth in action: $50,000 invested with a compound grow of 30% annually would take just 12 years to be worth over $1,250,000! A steady compound growth soon adds up! Of course, bear in mind that the above illustration is subject to the fact that investors may use bigger or smaller deposits, and there is no guarantee of 30% annual growth. To make big gains, the formula for investment success over the long term is: A High return investment + low downside volatility + the power of compound interest = big capital growth potential Compound interest makes you money work harder, and as the amount increases, it soon adds up. For High Return Investments Look no Further than Land! Land tends to rise steadily in value year on year and with low downside volatility giving steady solid growth Many hedge funds, unit or investment trusts, can be negative for years on money invested, or even never recover at all! When considering long-term investments, land with its good growth potential and low downside volatility, makes it the ideal investment to benefit from compound growth New Residential Project Nirala Aspire In Noida Extension By: Pankaj Finlace – Nirala Group welcomes you to Nirala Aspire, Noida Extension. Nirala Aspire is the most promising residential project strategically located at tech zone- IV, Gr. Noida. 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