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Hengda life and busy "speculation" to buy not sell the investment announcement not step on the line: catch demon king contest peek investment shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide [reading] Hengda Department of capital market operation: the new board retreat retreat into the A shares of the constant capital layout of "the Phantom of the opera" adult life: Qianhai life trader hand to join Hengda nearly 30 life shopping spree A shares insiders for asset allocation considering multi – reporter Wang Rong with intensive disclosed three quarterly stock positions, Hengda life gradually surfaced. The evening of October 27th, ieslab in shares announcement, at the end of the three quarter, Hengda life holds 4.96% and 4.95% shares respectively. However, according to three quarterly Yongding and Tengda construction in late October 27th release, Hengda life out of the ranks of the top ten shareholders. A buying spree in approaching placards line product into the top 10 shareholders 10 million 630 thousand shares held in the electronic, the traditional combination of A Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – the company’s total share capital of 2.81%. In the top 10 shareholders of the company’s conditions of sale, Hengda Life Insurance Co., Ltd. – universal combination B holds 8 million 140 thousand shares. The above shareholders held a total of 18 million 770 thousand shares, the shareholding ratio of about 4.96%. Prior to the completion of the first three quarters of electronic products operating income of $903 million, an increase of 22.73%, net profit of $79 million 648 thousand and 900, an increase of 10.19%. The company expects 2016 annual net profit of $144 million 105 thousand and 700 to $187 million 337 thousand and 400, an increase of 0% to $30%. In addition, Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – the traditional combination of A holdings in shares of 2.95% shares, eighth of the top ten shareholders in the company; about 9 million 625 thousand and 700 of the company shares held by the traditional combination of B Life Insurance Company Limited – hengda. Hengda life total holds a total of about 4.95% of the shares, approaching placards line. In the three shares before the implementation of the quarterly operating income of 230 million yuan, an increase of 57.34% over the previous year; a net profit of 56 million 832 thousand yuan, an increase of 80.33% over the same period last year. Previously, Hengda insurance also holds 93 million 958 thousand and 300 shares of the auspicious, accounted for 4.95%, the largest shareholder; Hengda traditional life combined A and B universal combination together hold 4.95% of the shares of national technology. In addition, the company has disclosed three quarterly reports this year, Hengda life also entered the Jinzhou pipeline, Cangzhou pearl and other top ten shareholders of the company. Back away from the reported awkwardness when buying a large number of listed shares, Hengda insurance also exit some companies. Yongding disclosure evening October 27th three quarterly show, previously in the semi annual report of new entrants into the top ten tradable shareholders Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – universal combination B and traditional A two accounts have withdrawn from the list of the top ten shareholders list. Data show that the Yongding in 2016 1 to September operating income of 1 billion 647 million yuan, an increase of 10.02%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 160 million yuan, an increase of 35.45%. On相关的主题文章: