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Beauty You have to give more attention to your make up especially on the Special day of your wedding. Makeup has the ability to hide flaws and enhance your beauty. Without any questions, Jon’ Ric is where you want to be to get your perfect look and glow on your wedding. Perfect makeup can give you the exact glow you have wanted. You need to get a makeup artist for your bridal makeup if you dont know anything about Bridal makeup. Jon Ric may be the Salon and Spa for you. To enhance the natural beauty before wearing the makeup, you should do a facial at least three weeks before the wedding. This ensures that all impurities in your skin are removed and a cleaner skin will always look brighter. Eyebrows should be shaped one week before wedding because brides with sensitive skin may develop red rashes as a result of this. The essential item for makeup is a concealer. This hides the flaws and dark spots on the skin. Then you need to apply foundation to enhance your skin tone. You have to choose the foundation such that the color .pliments your skin. A foundation helps to smoothen your face and gives a subtle look. You need to use good quality powder over the foundation to avoid unnecessary shine in the photographs. Mascara for highlighting the eyelashes is also essential. If you prefer, you can use eyeliner for flattering your eyes. Lipstick and a .plimenting lip liner are essential for making your lips look bright and shiny. While choosing the right products for bridal makeup, you have to choose the best brands that are suitable for your skin type. Makeup field has improved a lot and you can find products for different types of skin. Many brides worry about their makeup because they dont want any dis.fort when they shed tears of joy. Waterproof makeup are available that will not lose its beauty even when you sweat or cry. You should ask your makeup artist about the type of makeup suitable for you. You have to talk to your artist about your skin type and also discuss your skin allergies. Before the wedding, it is better to try bridal makeup so that you are not allergic towards the products used. During your wedding, you should have a makeup kit nearby for frequent touchups. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: