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The Haikou express company to get people out of nearly eleven against two million paid to fight against the "double 11", the Haikou express company "rob" is pretty fight: some out of nearly million paid, but some veterans favored…… Recruit less than can not be! There are 3 weeks in Washington, is this year’s "double 11" shopping carnival, I believe hand chop party has full horsepower, and constantly to the "shopping cart" Riga goods, such as "double 11". However, than the hand chop party action faster is the courier industry, is currently in recruiting, ready to meet this consumer feast". Reporter Wang Denghai insiders predict that this year the "double 11" Hainan volume or double reporters learned that last year the double 11 day, less than a day (as of the date of 14:00), the transaction data of Hainan has exceeded 340 million yuan. Industry insiders predict that with the development of rural electricity supplier in Hainan, as well as the delivery of various township express network, this year’s double 11, Hainan turnover may double. According to the State Post Bureau preliminary forecast, this year’s double 11 period (November 11th to 16), the entire industry to deal with the mail (express) business volume will exceed 1 billion 50 million, an increase of more than last year. The courier company recruiting anything out of the end of the month, or large-scale recruitment yesterday, the reporter visited the survey, I found the courier industry, some courier companies have started recruiting to prepare for this "consumer feast". The reporter statistics on a recruitment website recruitment information released by the Hainan channel, found only a day yesterday more than and 100 courier recruitment information, most courier companies out of the wage is 3000 yuan -5000 yuan, there are many companies out of the wages reached 5000-8000 yuan. There is a courier company, in the recruitment notice salary column wrote, self-contained electric car, familiar with the Haikou Road, can hard-working, normal salary 3000-4000 January, hard work can reach 4000-6000 in January, work hard can get 6000-8000 January, worked for 9000 more than January (uncapped). But even so, during the double 11 temporary recruitment courier, is not an easy thing. According to a Hainan Express Co. company staff Yang introduction, 10 days earlier, the company headquarters has issued a notice to them, asked to do "double 11" during the preparations, including recruitment, courier warehouse is the priority among priorities. Yang said that the company’s headquarters is expected this year, double 11 period, the number of Companies in Hainan, the number of mail will be increased by 1-2 times over last year, so the pressure of each network will also increase, naturally to recruit. Our company currently has more than and 20 outlets in Haikou, ‘double 11’ period, each node to increase at least 2-3 courier. Overall down, at least to recruit twenty or thirty couriers caixing." Another courier company in Haikou, the relevant person in charge also told reporters that in the past two years, the annual double 11 on the eve of the recruitment courier"相关的主题文章: