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Haikou bikinis restaurant closed rectification – Beijing Beijing in August 29 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Fu Meibin) Haikou "bikinis restaurant has been in Haikou District of Longhua City, the relevant departments shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, the restaurant owner said the red telephone interview with reporters:" sincerely accept the views of government departments, immediately stop bikinis service. The two days of business for rectification." Haikou City jade sand road, a barbecue restaurant "tricks" music marketing, let the car scene for diners bikinis single end dish. It is spread through the network, from Longhua District of Haikou city to carry out on-site investigations, district business, public security, food and drug administration, the brigade and other departments, after verifying that the restaurant has vulgar marketing also found the restaurant business license and restaurant name does not match the name of external signs, employees without health certificates and other issues, immediately ordered stop rectification. Relevant departments said that there is not allowed to deviate from the socialist values and vigorously promote social positive energy requirements, must not only for the pursuit of economic benefits, regardless of social impact, must be immediately rectification. For the business sector, the restaurant must sign on the outside for rectification, do licenses and store signs of unity. Food and drug administration departments, the restaurant should be in accordance with the law in accordance with the regulations, practitioners should be legal compliance. The reporter saw 29 evening at the restaurant, the restaurant has been closed, the door to the top of the "wolf sheep met a few characters have been removed, leaving only the" music restaurant "a few words. The restaurant owner Sun said, sincerely accept the views of government departments, active rectification, closed for two days after the completion of the rectification and open. (end)相关的主题文章: